I tried dating apps just to chat and I found these two guys that I'm talking to and they are amazing!

But they both like me and I had to make to clear that I'm just chatting and they want to meet up with me and everything and it made me realize that

I'm not ready to Date! I have the emotional and physical desire to but I can't I don't want to meet up with strangers I should be focusing on myself !

I'm not confident enough to date and instead of looking online when I start college the right person will come along
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I was in that same situation. found a guy I was interested in and then the day we decided to meet I felt so
awkward about it. I went and it was terrible bc I was really uncomfortable. there's no hurry

I thought I'd never find someone that loved me and I just gave up. Then all of the sudden, Bam! (no really, bam)... I rear-ended the car in front of me. She was nice and I really wanted to just pay for the damages but we ended up getting married and I've been paying for it ever since. :-)

Seriously though, that was how we met and sometimes love does happen by accident. One thing for sure, it WILL happen and in its own time.

P.S. - Actually she's been the one who's been paying ever since.

K boo here's the thing, one of the scariest parts about being in a relationship is "how could he possibly like me or find me attractive" but you know, if a guy didn't like you he wouldn't be going out with you.. Simple as that, and if he don't wanna go out when y'all meet in person then **** him. (Not literally) you're probably too good for him anyways Xx 💕

are you male or female

It says I'm a male....

I hope everything goes well for you! Things have a strange way of working out when you least expect it and I think you'll bump into that one guy who's made for you.

Thank you and I hope so too and if not then hell it's college I have my whole life ahead of me

Let's see if will happen so, let me know😊