i cant look at people directly in the eye because im afraid they'll notice all my flaws.
buttney buttney
16-17, F
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Everyone had flaws, this is what makes everyone different.
What you think is a flaw may be the very thing someone else likes about you

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girl u ratchet 5ever

You just have to find and nurture your relationships with the people who will look you in the eyes, see those flaws, and love you for every little bit of what they see. That's how you know you should keep someone around :)

thats a good thing to keep in mind

Awe :((( that's so sad!!!! Your so beautiful omg don't feel that way your amazing inside and out and you deserve the best, don't let anyone take you down you are perfect in every way!! I felt the same way and you will get over it I promise!! Stay strong you will make it through

thanks :)

I feel you 😥