I feel that when people are talking to me or looking at me they r actually looking at my pimples. I've gotten bullied because of tht. And i have tried everything. My mom is gonna buy me something for it tht I found but tht is something tht I'm really insecure about. I hate the way my face looks! Mostly because of my pimples. And I wish my eyes were bigger cuz they r small :(
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

1. DONOT cover your pimples with foundation or concealer, your face will look fake and can irritate the acne more
2. Who cares what bullies think? Under 10 pounds of makeup and thousands of dollars on acne clear ups, they might be the ugliest people ever on the inside.
3. Try some simple mascara for your eyelashes if you want to, it will make your eyes look bigger
4. I hope this helped.

Ok, just making sure and that's good because I used to use this weird foundation stick from Maybelline and it made my pimples stick out even more so good job finding something better haha

Have you tried proactive and all that because that's what Worked for me but everyone's skin is different

You can wait for your mom to buy you that something to help you, but while you're waiting, you could do something useful like working on your self-confidence. Everyone's beautiful in their own ways, and I'm sure you're just as pretty as others ^^ Maybe you could focus on the good things that you like about yourself. It always makes you feel better and hey, everyone's different and other people might not think about it the same way as you do, you might think that they are looking at your pimples, but honestly, other people don't think it's such a big deal. It's always that way, people make it a big deal when they don't like something about themselves but others think it's not that big of a deal, if you get it, haha. You could also ask some advice from your mother ^^