I feel so fat. All I see when I look in the mirror is multiple chins, extra skin, and folds in places where they shouldn't be. I've never been bullied about my weight (except maybe by family members when I was really little), but all I think about is how people probably talk about it behind my back. Whenever I am left out or treated wrongly, I assume it is because of the way my body looks. This has made me anxious in all social situations because I just don't want people to look at me and judge me. I'm trapped inside my own head and I'm letting these insecurities destroy my life. I wish I had the confidence to believe people when they say I am not fat
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Hey sweetie, I have went up and down all my life with my weight. So I feel your pain. Let me say that if you run and play field hockey you don't need to worry about your weight. You are just the way god made you to be.

Its hard sometimes to accept that, especially at your age when the male/female roles start taking Center stage in life. Friends and activities seem to be the most important things. Trust me, I'm older, and speak from experience..

The reason you are having these feelings is because you were teased by family when you were young. "The way we talk to our children become their inner voices." that saying is so true, and you are a victim. What I would love to see you do is get some help, for a short time, to reprogram those voices in your head, the self critical harshness. You could rewrite those inner thoughts in probably 6 months of good work. Not just any counselor, but one who knows their **** and is more interested in your well being than how much money your insurance company will pay them!

And your family probably meant no harm, unintentional crap is the worst. They didn't say it to make you feel good, but they didn't say it to make you over critical either.

We are always our own worst critic, so we're going to see our pimples bigger, our sister eyebrows out of wack.. When everyone else sees beautiful skin and bright eyes. So, keep that in mind.. Also, there is some page on the web where they took people, and did 2 pictures one of what someone else described you as and one that you describe yourself as. You'd be amazed at peoples self image, its so very sad.. And we all suffer from it to some degree. Its normal.

But that negative self talk can get you in bad relationships, its so easy for a man to mistreat you if you mistreat yourself. (or woman if your gay or bi) if you don't take the time to re-wire yourself now, you will not live up to your potential, you'll make less money and live a life sub-par to that of what God wants for you. For if he wanted you to feel bad and punish yourself... He would of not ever let me read your post :)

Be good, be happy, and be yourself. Love yourself.. No matter your size. I feel ya though.. Have friends with big wives/girlfriends and I ask 'cause I'm insecure, a woman who is skin and bones ~ you have to be extra fragile, There's no hiking, tennis, bike riding... They get hurt to easy. And There's no fun if your always scared of your date getting hurt, might as well date an egg.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words, and this made me feel a lot better

Hey I dont blame you. Im on the thick side and there are days that I look six months pregnant. But why would you want to look like a person who looks like they are dying of starvation? You got to love what God gave you because its a blessing. You just have to lose the negativity. But there is such things as a gym, sports, healthy foods, etc. You just have to be completely dedicated to the "fit" side. There is a solution to every problem. And yours is to love what momma gave you.

This always happens to me. Even though I have lost 20lbs thanks to the gym and am now in my ideal weight, I still feel fat. It's such a horrible feeling! But if that girl in your profile picture is you, then girl you are beautiful! You look like you're a healthy weight, not anorexic but definitely not fat either. Just stop, take a deep breath, and relax. You have to love yourself before other people can love you. It's your body, your life. Just remember, life is great and although sometimes hard, it is all worth it in the end:)<3 you, and anyone, can inbox me at anytime you want. I will always answer to those in need

Yes that is me, and thank you


We are all a lot more hideous to ourselves than we are to the rest of the world,just remember that people are way more self critical than critical to others, also everyone feels insecure and if someone treats you funny, it's not allways you, just be what you are and shine! :)

Have you tried getting into a sport?? Maybe that could help. Or you can take a jog at the park..

I play field hockey and run every day

Thats good!! :) you shouldnt worry if the doc says youre not overweight.. im not good at giving advice im sorry.. or try what I did when I was your age.. I wore a comfortable corset under my clothes..