i have a date tomorrow but i can't understand why she would go on a date with me, she is very beautiful kind and friendly and i'm me, ugly, socially awkward and a complete disaster around woman :S
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It was to good to be true i waited for 2 hours called and sent texts multiple times but didn't get a response and she didn't show up :(

Maybe she finds you cute. And I'm sure you have a lot to offer. I sound like your mom...sorry.

Maybe you have such a great personality

If you're really like that then I don't get it either.

She must be a nice girl then because she is not shallow. Try to find out about her and get to know her. She probably has insecurities about men who constantly try to chat her up. You should show her you are different and you care about her as a person. She probably craves to be treated well by a guy.