There was a party next to my house last night. So I went there for like 15 minutes to check it out. As I arrive there was lots of AA's on the side walk smoking weed or marijuana idk....there was good looking chicks and lots of guys of my age & older. So I go in the music was going on, there was guys doing shots at a table. I stand next to the wall and a girl stand next to me. So I straight introduce myself and say "Hey" she just throw her self to the girl next to her. There I was disgusted. Also I saw a friend of mine from high school, I recognized him. So I as I stand watching the guys doing shots, he comes to me and whispers "your mom is looking for you" I felt like I wanted to die. Some of the girls said "someones mom came by?" I felt shaken, embarrassed, and bad. I know she is my mom and all, but why she can't let me go......why??? Once I got home. My aunt was screaming at me that why I went there. Hey I was just checking out. Then she comes with her extreme religious attitude......I'm tired of the boring routine, I'm tired of playing video games, I'm tired of going on google, I'm tired of going to FB, I want to get personal and talk to someone....I feel like I'm over protected...
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Maybe you need to leave the nest... Get a life of your own.

do you like,to have sex

Maybe if you talk to your family about how important it is to you to socialize and go to parties than they may reconsider and also you should make a deal or something with them

Choose wisely. There are good elements and bad elements to a social life. Chose the venue tht allows you to speak your mind and not be ignored. Don't conform to any standard that makes you compromise your core of self respect, having said that don't make enemies of your guardians.