I get so insecure about how I look that I always end up deleting my profile picture on apps like this after they've been up less then 10 minutes.
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It sucks how important looks are to people :/ You're made to think you are not pretty, but really, everyone has something that makes them beautiful.. Especially if you have inner beauty! Confidence is always good to have. I have no idea what you look like, so this is all just basic info I could give. Take care of yourself inside and out - take vitamins, eat healthy, exercise, drink water, get a haircut you like, exfoliate, wear makeup and clothing that accentuates your beauty. But! Remember, real friends choose you for what's inside!

You should have more self confidence. I couldn't do anything about that. That's just you.

Not to worry, men here(and on the interweb as a whole) will lie and tell you how attractive you are no even if you are not. Young girls are under a lot of pressure and it can really ware a girl down. In the end your looks hardly matter and the people who they do matter to are only looking at your outer appearance anyway.

If people don't like it then you should not worry about it . It's not them in picture so ya. Just be your self