I'm always thinking the negative all the time about myself what I do in anything at all
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That is a very difficult habit to break. While some people can do it alone. It is best if you have someone who helps you break it. Forcing yourself to think up 3 positives every time you have a negative thought. Is a boring, difficult and some would say crazy way to break it. But it does help retrain your mind.
Every time we think about something our brain builds pathways there. By forcing yourself towards positive and away from negative you mind starts to forget about the pathways to that negative place.
Basically the more you think of something or a particular way the better you remember it and easier it comes to mind.

Same feeling....

It's a shame those bosses used that as a negative rather than help build your confidence. Try to listen and retain the good things ppl say to you, hopefully one day it'll sink in.
True though - childhood has a lot to answer for!


Thank you I mean

I have lost two potential working places, because the bosses told me that I have low self-confidence.
After speculations it seems that the reasons are in my past - bad childhood.