I was going to run for class president but I don't think I can anymore. I just don't see many people voting for the girl who dyes her hair every month and dresses in the weirdest outfits and will literally yell at someone in the middle of class for being ignorant. I'm just weird and could never see people thinking 'oh see seems nice' I bet people wouldn't even listen to what I had to say.
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Yea I mean I hate to say it but people don't vote that type of act. I don't know why but it's just how it is but you should run anyway

believe in yourself. you can do it, I promise. she most likely has the same problems as so many other people, she's not any more special than anyone else because of how she dresses. believe in yourself, I promise you can do this. πŸ’•

Don't be silly. Believe in yourself. There are people that need to hear what you have to say. It could teach you a lot as well. Gaining office or not isn't the finality. It's always always about the journey.

Thanks. It's just a lot of pressure, I'd have to say I'm running for the office by the fourth. And have signatures from my teachers by then

Do it ! Just be ok with the idea that you "may not win" and if you do or don't win you can say you did that and it will make you a better youπŸ‘.

Thanks! That's a good philosophy

πŸ‘ in the words of Rob Schneider "you can do eeeet'!"

lol ☺️

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