Say like if I was asked to get in a picture or a photo with someone in public I would be really anxious because it would feel like all eyes are on me which makes me feel really nervous. Anyone else feel the same way?
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I always feel that way I take good selfies but when I am asked to take a group photo I always get that worried and anxious that I end up looking terrible in the photo I went to a wedding and was asked to get in the photos and they were the professional photos that they would keep in their wedding album and I looked terrible in the photos they probably show them to everyone who comes round so this started in my teenage years and has always been a problem so I feel your pain.

Taking a photo's not a big thing. Just remember, that most times, ppl don't really care about your nervousness if you're more calm and relaxed. You'll find it comes more naturally as time progresses.

But at the same time you feel like you're appreciated and happy to be asked to join but still decline?

I don't decline no it's different when am with friends

Are you talking about friends in the OP?