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I am 31, married going on 7 years, have a daughter and a step daughter, and I am debating on leaving. My husband isn't who I see myself with in the future. I am no longer attracted to him, actually I can't stand to be around him, he annoys the s**t out of me. Since he's lost his construction job about 2 years ago he's put on weight, has become lazy and doesn't do anything but sleep, eat, work at night and play xbox. It drives me insane to watch him because he's such a different person than he was 7 years ago. I just need to figure my s**t out call a lawyer and haul a**. I barely have sex with him. He doesn't turn me on anymore. I find myself thinking "alright let's get this over." You know my wifely duties.. I'm finding other ways to take care of my needs... Well I will do something soon enough.....


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That's a tough situation but life is very short and you only get one shot, got to be happy right,,,,best of luck I hope you find happiness.

Can you message me? I'm kinda in the same situation and would not mind a female's perspective.

made any progress on this? Hope you're doing well.

Gotta do what's right for you & your kids.

nice pictures... ;)

Thx :)

Im not promoting cheating.. but just ser if it helps a release or not.. wont help wit him being annoying and lazy. lol But your sex life, maybe. I did wit my ex wife.. i was attracted to her, but got a lil boring.. cheatin help a bit.. but i now look.back and realize i didnt cheat cause it got a little boring, but cause im a closet **** and enjoy pleasing women and love sex. o_o lol But obviously, thats just me.. haha

Closet sl...ut. lol

are you still in the closet? I might need help out... ;)

You sure? Could be more fun if we stayed in the closet. ;) Haha.

well maybe I'll stay then if you teach me

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I feel almost the same way that you do about my wife. Although i believe very hard in a marriage i don't want a divorce but i can't help to see ehats out there. I have cheated in the past and no i am not proud of that but in a way it gave me and escape...

I am seriously thinking it may be something I need just really confused at this point.

if it's really how you feel, don't delay.. it helps nobody, and you seem like you are in need of letting loose and having fun

sorry to hear... i'm in a similar position although not as drastic as it sounds in your case. Main problem for us is the lack of sex, so EP has provided me with an alternative vent... Not like the real deal, but some of the things I discovered here are pretty cool... hope it works for you too...