Caregivers Arise! Tell How Your Helping Your Spouse Saved Your Marriage.

50% of all marriages end in a Divorce. Most start out with what they call “True Love”(and True Lust) but quickly degenerate into an environment of Marital Compromise or Quid Pro Quo. “I will do this for you, if you do this for me.” aka Selfishness.

Negative thinking. Now, the same concept but expressed positively.

The other 50% of all marriages last “Until Death do us part. Most start out with what they call “True Love”(and True Lust) but gradually grow into an environment of Marital Optimization. Each partner does what is Best for his mate. Aka Generosity.

So, do you look at a doughnut and see the hole? It is much tastier to see the doughnut!

I have had it with negative thinking. I was raised on negative religion. The 10 commandments are all expressed negatively. My obvious conclusion of negative religion is: Die and you will be perfect.

I thought about what is the common factor in all religions, and how would it be expressed in a positive way. I came up with these 4 statements:

1. God exists.
2. God loves me personally.
3. God wants me to show gratitude by loving others.
4. God wants me to be Happy and gave me some Guidelines.

It takes less muscle effort to smile than it does to frown.
73yrold 73yrold
70+, M
Jul 30, 2010