Why Can't He Be the Man I Need?

I want more in many ways, more out of my job, more out of myself, more out of my life in general.  Then I also want more out of my husband.  He changes jobs like most people change socks.  It really drives me nuts.  I have been with the same employer for 7 yrs now.  Why can't he do the same.  There's always some excuse, some "reason" that he quits.  Didn't like this person, or couldn't reason with that person, or the other place will pay more......why doesn't he get it?  He's 40 years old and has at least 5 w2's each year.  I am so SICK of it.  I HATE it.  It is so embarrassing.  Why doesn't he understand that he is pushing me away with all this?  Why doesn't he get that?  I want a man.  A man to me is someone who makes me feel safe, secure.  I don't feel that with him anymore, it's something I need.  He can't give it to me.  Or won't.  I want so much more.  I want to be able to have a savings account.  He spends all of our money every paycheck.  I hate it.  I'm always angry with him....and he won't fix it.  He says he will change, he says he won't quit this job, then he does.  He makes some excuse, or finds some "reason" why he couldn't stay there.  I don't trust him, or can't trust him, or maybe I just won't trust him.  I know he lies to me, I've caught him in several. 

So yeah, I want more than some can give, but I need more than he will give.

marlo68 marlo68
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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

For your information, I have been standing behind him for 23 years. I have supported him for 23 years. In addition, HE cheated on me, he did that not me. HE changes jobs constantly, not me. HE blows our funds, not me. And who the HELL said I nag him. Or are you projecting yourself into this.