Six Tokens

I only have 6, I think if I post a story i get a couple more?

How can virtual gifts be soooo expensive??  lol,,,,its absolute bollocks!!!!!

They USED to be FREE...its sad when even virtual reality gets greedy...what is the harm in free virtual gifts???

EP pull your socks up!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

An easy way to get them is by joining groups for every so many groups you join you get a couple of tokens.

I need two more and I\'ll be able to spotlight something! YAYAYA! Get ready to say something wise - it\'s your turn next!

I don't think you get tokens for stories somehow

Dunno .....I seem to get 2 every couple of the moment i have 13....

13? You lucky, lucky thing!


But I just got two for commenting! So comments must be cumulative earners

How do you know you got them for commenting?

Because it\'s the only thing I did - and up they cropped.

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