Please Call Again!

Yesterday, I met with a man that answered my CL ad for a hosted BJ. I put a condom and lube in my pocket and showed up at his house completely sure that I was going to submit to anything he wanted. We met, exchanged names, went straight to the bedroom and I started to enjoy his still soft ****. It grew and I could tell his wife doesn’t give him enough oral joy as either I’m awesome or it’s been awhile. Eventually he wanted to **** me and as quickly as he asked, I shed my clothes, provided the condom and lubed up for him. He rammed his **** into me doggy style and it was good. Not having done anal in several months, I was tight and rolled onto my back for easier penetration. With my feet on his shoulders he pumped me to our mutual thrills. I saw he was ready to bust his nut and quickly said, “Let me finish you with oral” In a flash the condom was off and I pumped his **** until his *** burst a sweet warm load into my throat. I was very pleased to discover that he wasn’t a post blow sensitive and so I got to milk every last drop. It was delicious and a thrill. We dressed and got to know each other by chatting for a few minutes before I split. Now, I just have to hope he calls again and I can be his total ****.
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Just because you meet someone on Craig list doesnt mean you are going to get aids or any other type of dieses,I advertise all the time on there and just about all of the guys that come over are all married or have g/fs that dont give head.I enjoy giving deepthroat and swallow every single drop.I have one guy he is from tx he is 70 with a firm big head 7.5 cut **** that his wife doesnt suck so we get together a couple times a wk & I deepthroat him and swallow and suck evry bit and he cumes every time with nice healthy loads.I do have some guys that just want deepthroat and to *** all over my male breasts,and others that want to suck me first or we do 69.My favorite is to lay them down crawl up between there thighs licking all the way till I get to there **** then deepthroat it .Have been having sex via craig list for over 5 years,due to wife being ill.Caught nothing yet.If we think you are going to catch it use a rubber.I perfer bareback.

Thrilling comment Xenny. Thanks

My first experience with a man was exactly like that. I really loved the moment of penetration. I prefer thick rather than long. Both is even better. Submitting completely to a dominant male is so exciting.

I'm sure a psychiatrist could make a very good living off of the 2 of us. Sex Addict (tested clean) and a maniac that literally stalks a person for the sole purpose of writing hateful comments on their stories. My actions could be seen as adventurous, your's are just hateful.