Pleasing Daddy

This was written by "Parsafal145" it is as far as I know a fantasy...however it created such real feelings within me I wanted to share it.

Deep in sleep something started waking her. She brushed her hand across her face, as she felt something close to her. Whatever it was stopped and she started going back into her sleep. Moments later she felt something tickle her mouth. Poking her tongue out she felt warmth, smiling at herself behind sleepy eyes she parted her lips.

Sliding into her mouth was her Master's ****. She hungrily in her sleeping state sucked on the hard **** ******* her. Her eyes still closed she felt His hand move to her hair, pulling her face closer to the edge of the bed. She moaned out loud as He twisted her long black hair in His fingers.

"My baby does enjoy her sucker doesn't she?" He asked.

Not being able to answer with her mouth full, she simply moaned louder, sucking Him deeper.

Pulling out suddenly she whimpers as she is left empty.

"I would like to hear the words from my babyslut's mouth. Do you enjoy Your sucker baby?"

"mmmm yes Daddy, please may I have more?"

"Of course My ****."

He thrust His hard **** into her waiting mouth. Hitting the back of her throat she gagged instantly. The sound only making Him push in further, trying to move her head back to get air only spurred Him to hold her closer. Her nose at His belly as He held her still over His ****.

Releasing her, she took a deep breath. As soon as her lungs were full again He pushed His **** deep into her again.

"Relax." He ordered.

Feeling her relax her throat, He pushed in further. Feeling her gag again, He tightened His grip.

"Take it baby, take all of Your Daddy's ****."

Her response was only moans over the thick shaft. Sucking on His ****, He started moving in and out of her. She was almost relieved being able to breathe properly again. Her Daddy, moving slowly in and out, long slow deep strokes between her wet lips.

She could hear His moans above her.

"Such a good girl taking her Daddy's ****."

She felt her whole body full of desire as He continued to **** her mouth in any way He desired, soft and slow, or hard and deep. Her ***** was leaking between her closed legs, her hard **** aching to be touched. She went to move her hand below the blankets but was stopped suddenly.

"Stop," He commanded. "My girl knows better than to touch without permission, doesn't she?"

He pulled His **** out of her mouth to allow her to answer.

"Yes Daddy, sorry Sir. Girl is just aching to be touched."

Suddenly the blankets covering her body were ripped off her and His hand came down hard on her bare ***. She screamed out.

"Shhhh girl, You will wake the house. Would you like to be gagged?"

"No Daddy, please no."

Another hard spank came down as He leant over her. She bit her lip to stifle her screams as the sting flooded her cheeks.

"My selfish girl thinks she needs to be pleasured as Daddy is ******* His girls ***** mouth?"

"No Daddy, sorry Sir, girl wasn't thinking."

"Obviously NOT."

Pulling her up He sat Himself on the bed and dragged her over His knee.

"One noise, one scream and your spanking will just be harder. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy," she whimpered.

Lying across His lap made her ***** throb. She could feel His hard **** against her stomach as He started her hard spanking. Over and over He punished her ***. Her flesh red and burning as her teeth bit into her lip trying to stifle her whimpers and screams.

He planted one hard spank across both cheeks, she had no choice but to scream out. Leaning over to the floor while still holding her in place, He collected the panties off the floor she discarded earlier. Spreading her legs, He roughly rubbed them over her ***** then stuffed them into her mouth.

"Now you will be quiet, suck on those **** juices while I give You 20 more spanks."

Nodding her head up and down, she could taste her own juices as He continued her punishment. Finally she heard Him say 20 under His breath and her whole body sighed relief. She knows she had done wrong, and deserved this punishment but did not take away from the pain and disappointment flooding her body.

Pulling the panties from her mouth, He looked down upon her.

"Are you going to behave now baby?"

"Yes Daddy, I am sorry Daddy."

"Don't worry girl, you will be showing Daddy just how sorry you are in a moment."

Her ***** quivered in anticipation.

"Since you have been thinking with your **** tonight, it will be denied its pleasure."

"Yes Daddy," she replied, trying to hide her disappointment.

"On the floor girl," He ordered.

"Yes Daddy," she responded, moving quickly to avoid any more wrath from her Master.

Kneeling between His knees, she took His **** between her lips. Sucking it hard she took it deep as she stroked it with her mouth. Moaning as she tasted the first drops of precum onto her tongue. She loved sucking on her Daddy's ****, feeling Him fill her mouth, ******* into her throat, training her to take it deeper and deeper.

She felt His body start to tense as she caressed His balls in her hands. Suddenly He pushed her off Him.

"On the bed," He growled.

She looked at His rigid **** standing upright from His body aching to ***. She wanted a taste of Him, her feeding tonight. But her Daddy must have had other ideas.

Lying on the bed, she spread her legs.

"Did you hear me when I said your **** will get no pleasure tonight?" He questioned.

"Yes Daddy, but I thought," she stammered.

"Hands and knees NOW ****," He ordered.

Quickly turning she got onto her hands and knees, her red *** facing towards Him, as she looked out the window. She felt His hands grip onto her hips, pulling her back towards Him. She moaned out as soon as she felt the head of His **** press against her dark hole.

He was going to take His babygirl tonight, with no regard. She had been cheeky, her **** ruling her thoughts as she sometimes allows. She was His property to do with as He wished.

Swiftly He pushed His **** deep into her ***. She moaned out as He stretched her *** around His ****.

"Daddy," she whimpered. She was relieved some of the hot juices from her ***** had leaked over her hole.

Not responding to her, He stroked His **** in and out of her tight hole. She gripped onto the shaft as He almost left her body, then plunging hard in again. His balls slapping on to her *****.

"Whose *** is this?"

"Daddy's ***."

"Who owns this ***?"

"You do Daddy."

"That is right girl, do not forget."

"No Sir."

"Who owns you baby?"

"You do Daddy," she pushed her body back to Him as she answered.

His questions always turned her on more. Being reminded of her place increased her pleasure. She started riding her Daddy's **** with her ***. Back and forth, she moaned out in bliss, He plunged deeper and deeper.

"Yes baby, **** Your Daddy."

Harder and faster she rocked on her knees. Her body full of her Daddy's hard thick ****, feeling it pulse inside her. He started moving faster, hearing Him groan.

"Daddy, **** me harder please."

He pushed in as deep as He could, she screamed out, her *** wanting, needing to ***.

"Please Daddy, please, please Daddy, please" she begged under laboured breath.

"Please what, baby?"

"Please let Your babygirl *** Daddy."

"Do You deserve it ****?" He responded in a deep growl

"No Daddy, I have been bad," she sighed

"Yes you have my ****."

******* her harder, her hole gripping onto His **** as He plunged deep and fast into her, raising His hand He spanks her hard across her already reddened ***.

"You will *** girl, but only when I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy, thank You Daddy," she smiled.

"That is MY *** girl, and you will give me ALL your *** *** to me," growling at her again.

"Yes Daddy."

Feeling Him increase His pace, she continued to **** her *** with His ****, riding Him like a good lil **** that He demanded of her. His balls slapped hard against her ***** causing its juices to continue to flow.

"Please Daddy, please, please, please Daddy."

Her begs made Him smile, He loved to hear her beg for Him. She must be close, He was too, but He wanted to hold out a little longer, feel her tight *** around His ****, make her beg that little bit longer.

"If you want to *** babyslut you better keep begging."

"Daddy I need to give You my ***, please Daddy, deeper, more, take me, **** me, please Daddy, PLEASE," her body was on fire, riding on the edge, her *** was craving to be released of ***.

Not being able to hold on any longer, He felt the *** about to explode from His body.


She screamed out, her hips pushing back over Him, as her body shook and tensed in ******. The ****** so violent her body screamed in sweet agony. His **** spurted streams of *** deep into her body. She took all of it. He stayed inside her till every last drop left His body.

Feeling Him soften in her, she started to relax. He pulled out slowly, pushing her over onto her back.

Smiling down at her, "Such a good girl I have. Now get in the shower, you have 5 minutes. Hurry."

Quickly rising onto her shaking legs, she scampered off to the bathroom to clean up. The hot water over her body calmed the waves still within her. Her *** was aching inside and out. His hard spanks, His hard taking of her ***, His ***, correcting her thoughts, the pain was like a warm blanket.

Returning to her room, she noticed her Daddy in her bed. She was surprised to see Him, she assumed He would return to His own room.

"Come sleep baby."

Crawling into her bed and into His arms, she inhaled His scent. He had also had a quick shower.

"You pleased your Daddy tonight lil one. Even in punishment as well as pleasure."

"Thank You Daddy," she responded contently.

Closing her eyes she fell asleep in the warmth of her Master.
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