A Wide Variety

I have loved having my *** penetrated for a long time. The first time that I can recall I was having phone sex with a PSO dominatrix and she had me go get a hair brush. Dumb as I was, I got a round brush but instead of putting the handle up my ***, I put the bristles up my ***. This is not smart, and could have resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Anyway, then I finally got my wife to give me a champagne enema and that was the most incredible buzz I have ever experienced. Boom almost instantaneous and no hangover! What a deal! Here again, and I could have easily over done it and ended up with alcohol poisoning.

Guess I wasn't too bright. Since then though, my choices have been a bit more sedate and hopefully sane. *** plugs both big and small; vibrators, prostate massagers; Just about anything that had a shoulder on it to prevent it from going inside completely. But I am still hoping to be *** ****** either with a strap on or by a guy. I just love the feeling of my *** being stretched open!
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

You definitely need to experience the power of penetration to completion! The feeling of total satisfaction! And yes there is a definite after glow! Every nerve in your body tingles and stays on edge for hours! Mmmm! Nice sexy story!

Fabulous sweetie