Wife wears a strap on to bed. Let's me suck on it. I just discovered I can deep throat it. I am wearing a bra and panties and thigh high pull-ups. And a slip.

When I can't stand it anymore I pull my panties off. Lube up my *** and climb on top. I always moan like a greedy big when the head pops in.
It doesn't take more than a few strokes and I *** all over her breast. Body pulsing I collapse on top of her. Then roll off and enjoy the glow.

I wish she could *** in my ***.
maninpanties50 maninpanties50
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i had **** in *** and it was just awesome

Wondering if you ever discussed the possibility of having a real man do that for you - and her for that matter. My ex loved the fact that I was bi and became fascinated with helping me cross-dress and pass in public. Picking up men we could share was some of the best fun we had.

wow that sounds hot, making me all wet

if you train your *** you will last longer


Yes, it's always so amazing to have her **** your boi *****!!

What a great story.

hmm wish my wife would do me with a *******

Ask her

I think a lot of women want to have a penis from time to time.

Does she like that you want to be feminine?

We are enjoying exploring it together.