Plastic Bedclothes

Recently I was thinking of giving myself a special treat, I thought back and forth during the week and when friday came I had my mind made up on what to do. Just before bedtime I dressed myself in plastic bags, then made my bed with plastic bedclothes. A big sheet for the madress, 2 big sheets taped together to fit the cover inside it and a smaller piece made to fit the pillow. Eager to try it out I went to lie down, the feeling was wounderfull.

After having layed in my new shiny bedclothes for a while I have to admit I was a bit ecstatic, so I had to release a bit of the pressure, a while after that I fell asleep. I woke up a few times during the night, but I didn't mind, because the feeling of laying in Plastic bedclothes just gave me a really nice feeling inside.

In the early morning after having woken up again I made myself come a secound time, and shortly after fall asleep, not wake up untill noon. At this time I felt I was as refreshed as one can be after such a good nights sleep and it was time to get up.
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5 Responses Nov 16, 2012

This is amazing....I call it my "bed of bags" lol

It's amazing to find people with you same interests , with same love for plastic. Everyone share it in a little bit different way . I can see we all love plastic

I do this as well. I was unaware others were into plastic bags like I am!Its nice to finally be able to relate with others about this fetish. The plastic feels so good when its wrapped tightly against my skin. I often sleep with plastic bottoms on AND my gf is into it which is a blessing bc ive been humiliated by past gf's who initially were into it, then later made fun of me for it. My significant other lets me wrap her up whenever I want....its truely a fantasy made reality :D

I was unaware of that too untill I found people here with the same interest in plastic as me, consider yourself lucky that you've found a gf who's into it aswell :)

In addition to the plastic "pyjamas" I added a new dimension by fitting a pair of "vykem" clear pillowcase covers on. These are thick and crackle loudly. Together with the plastic rain suit/coveralls never slept better except when you wake briefly, roll over and hear that symphony of crackling plastic. Wow!

With the colder weather there is nothing better than wrapping up in a head to toe plastic garment, like a rain suit, or hazmat suit. Another great option are these clear plastic karting suits. The warmth, the slippery sensation and the cocooning effect is just what the doctor ordered for a REALLY sound nights sleep. Of course you wake up occasionally and listen to the plastic swish and crackle as you change positions. Sheer bliss!