let My Wife get ****** by her boss

Me 32 years, my wife is 22 year .After 6 month getting married , I started of thinking as a cuckold or having a swing with a couple, but then I realized that taking a step forward can lead to a big risk or can break our relation,
So I planed to seed that on wife brain by playing off a ********* by imagining a friend of us while having sex , it was really exciting for me, but my wife said she does just for me, and not excited to do that from herself.
She continues to play this role for me, as she is taking by two me and my black friend, she became open in this side but She is strongly against doing that for real
I think of letting her and prepare a condition where she can get sleep with friend in indirect way without she knows that I am aware of that, so the things comes from itself.
She start working as a cashier in small super mark, from the first week her old boss find her so beautiful and start having with her sexual joke like: I am in a war with you until you get a baby from me then we will have cease fire’ she liked his joke and tell me every time.
After months she tell me one day, my boss give me kiss but just in my face, I laughed ,maybe she want to see my reaction.
One day, I told her that I love her so much and can forgive her for everything even she cheat on me. hoping to encourage her doing .. with her boss
By the time I realized that she start having more overtime, as she never  did before, it turn me so on , but I never asked her about that.

Every time she stay longer at work, I know she is doing sth with her boss, i found out later that he is making out with her   in his car  instead of his office ( maybe he scared of camera, i do not know ). one month later she told that she has new female friends and want to spend more time with her on saturday because her friend is new immigrant and has no friends. i know that for sure she meet her boss and go to diffrents places including hotel because he can not bring her to his house.  

sometime she asked me if she can go for three day trip with her female  friend, immediately i  said yes , no problem,but for real she went  with boss for vacation 
as a  summary, i am so happy that my wife is ******* with her boss, but i pretend that i do not know, my wife also never confess to me, we are all  ok with that

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Agree it is hot!

ah it is exciting