My Huge Suckable Nipples

I dint always hav big breast but as years passed my boyfriend worked on my breast..he massaged them daily..sucked on them..simply just played with them..even if we were in public he would suddenly just squeeze them or unbutton my blouse and suck them...i just loved the way he took care of them..slowly i started feelin my breast nipples got bigger...

I` m now breasts are so huge and full of boyfriend survives only on my milk...i feed him when ever he wants...anytime any place...

everynight below he sleeps he emptys my jugs full of milk and then falls asleep..if he wakes up in the middle of the night he just grabs one of my breasts and starts feels so good when hes drinkin my milk..he always tells me to sleep without my bra and top on so he can easily latch on...

my breast are massive and while i`m writing to yrl guys my darlin just unbutton my blouse and is drinkin my milk...hes drinkin from one boob and is pressin my other never stop feedin him...he loves to suck on me
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better than him...also my ****....

come 2 my lips are far better

I have been looking for years trying to fine a beautiful woman like yourself.

I'm a breast loving man, can you please add me to see those

you r lucky to hv boyfriend like that.........

continue it..its rewarding

Wish that was me in his place.

He is a keeper! :)

I love your story I to would love to share that experience with a lady do<br />
you think you could give me some advice as to where to find a lady that would want to share her milk with me?Do you feel that all it took was your boyfriend to really work you breast and suckle them to make you lactate?<br />

I am also in the beginning process of inducing my own lactation after finding out that my boyfriend loves sucking on my nipples. It has only been about a week since he started sucking them regularly and I am beginning to have milk now. We are both in our forties and find this experience so exciting. He just loves resting his body against mine, just like a baby would and I hold him close and allow him to suck as long as he wants to. It has brought us so close to each other and that is what we both want. I find that I see how fantastic my body is that I am able to do this and it helps me to feel super sexy. He tells me how beautiful I am and I swear to you, it has made me look younger. I love how close we are now and I would never go back to the way it was before nursing him.

U should write more. I wish I was closer to share your round jugs of milk :) but too far away.

You look edible. I loved reading your posting.

I've heard of this before and we both really wanted my b/f to give my breasts this amount of devotion to see if we could get me lactating but I wasn't sure if it was just one of these urban myths or not so we usually got sidetracked and just ended up having sex. Love to give it another go though as your story has inspired me to go for the same pleasure you have. Thanks for sharing.

ok, email sent.

I am Indian too, live in Delhi.

India...where u from?

Oh wow...... wish I could join, which country are you from.

not really long..actually it depends from each person..for me it took less than a month...if u and yr partner are really dedicated it should work out well...after uv induced lactation u need to keep empting yr breasts...the more my man drinks my milk and drains my breast the more milk i milk fills in so tell u the truth just yest we went out and my boyfriend suddenly felt my breasts warm and firm during the party...he knew my breasts were full of milk,,rite away he took me to the car and started his wat a feelin

yes only by my boyfriend massaging and suckin on my breast i induced milk...tasty thick milk...he loves it so much..he cant do without it

what a lovely person u are may i find a partner as loving caring and fulfilling as you