My Baby And My Boobies..

i am in a LDR.. with a man of my dreams.. we used to meet once in a month.. when we had our first kiss.. and i observed that my baby was thirsty for my boobs too.. but he had respect for me like he wont touch me unless i ask him.. days passed and i wanted to show my boobs to him.. i got the feeling that let my boob get wet in his mouth..

this time we went in a lodge.. it was really decent.. i saw him looking at my lips.. i kissed him.. and we were kissing for next few more minutes..

suddenly while kissing i felt his hand on my right boob.. i was feeling so warm that i became more frenzy.. he just stopped and asked if its ok for us..? are we comfortable..? aw.. i was moved by his words.. i just unclasped my bra.. he smiled & kissed me but i felt sorrow in that kiss.. i asked whats wrong.. he said.. dont do anything against your wish sweetheart.. i said i know what i am doing.. i trust you..

i was lying on the bed.. he pulled the curtains off.. came closer to me and kissed on my forehead.. he asked me to put off my shirt.. and he did the same.. i thought he will just go like 'yummy' into my boobies but he just hugged me.. like out chests were kissing eachother.. suddenly i got abit pain in my left nipple.. but i was afraid that if i told him.. he might stop it.. so slowly he put me on bed.. kissed forhead..lips.. neck.. chest and just started caressing my girls.. i had no hair so they were plain and white softies with light brown brownies.. that time i just saw a small baby in him.. who was very caring and was slowly licking his mother's breasts.. he was trying to make me comfortable.. as my hands were shaking.. he just looked in my eyes and asked.. are you afraid of me baby..? please tell me..
i just caught his head into my chest and hugged him.. he kissed in my both boobs.. saying i love you.. now i was all his..

he was caressing my boobs by his hand, tounge and by lips.. licking.. suckling.. puckering.. pushin my nipple in and then out.. licking all over my boobs.. he made my whole chest wet.. and when it became dry again the same.. we had made a promise that we wont have sex unless we marry legally.. between this he honestly asked me that he wanted to give me the Australian Kiss.. i said no hesitatedly.. i knew he was hurt.. i wrap the bedsheet around my chest.. and sat up.. and in fraction of second i saw my baby sitting in front of me on the floor and was asking for forgiveness with tears.. i felt so sorry for him.. but before i could get emotionally attached he make me remember our promise and said.. it was our first time.. thats why i thought of that... we wont do that.. & i just took him in my arms..

he rubbed his face against my boobs.. started licking, suckling and what not.. the way he was suckling with his eyes closed.. made me feel like i was in heaven.. his face was so innocent.. caring.. loving.. by this time he was playing with me other boob with his finger tips.. he kissed and licked for near about 4 hours simultaniously.. he wasnt too eager.. but very slow and calm.. again rubbed his face against my boobs.. smiled and kissed me .. and again licking.. i asked why do you love to do this..? he said he loved my softies, brownies.. and i am also trying to heal our heart.. we were so far.. then he asked how are you feeling now..? are we comfotable..? i didnt said anything but told him to increase the tempo.. he got his answer.. again he kissed my on lips.. not more than 2 minutes cause he had my softies & brownies.. to get rid off by his hunger..

he asked me if was it comfortable with us if we just sleep into eachother arms.. i was fine so we slept for few minutes.. but after sometime i was feeling cold as my chest was open.. he kissed at the place where my heart was and said let me take care of you.. he bite my nipple.. aah.. that feeling was just wonderful.. he started chewinng my boobs... but with love and smooth ness.. in between he was saying.. ohh my sweetheart.. i never had such wonderful day.. please make me your baby.. i want your milk please.. i want those melons to be mine forever.. please remove my thirst .. please i am hungry... i asked him to suck harder so that he can drink my milk..

we were sharing very intimate and caring moment of our relationship after being cosy in 8 months.. i took i glimpse of our love... and fell in love again.. he asked if he can pour some honey on my boobs.. he wanted a meal.. he poured that honey right on my nipple patted it all over breast and went like.. i never know if i was so lucky.. you are my soulmate.. i wanted to see his patience.. i stood up and ran away.. he hugged me from back.. both laughing but.. he just took me to the washroom.. washed my boobs.. i was like.. what happen baby..? m not hurt... and kissed him eagerly.. i was in tears.. that i had hurt him.. he just held my face in his palm.. and turned me around in fornt of the mirror.. we both were half naked.. like we were in our denims.. just without shirts.. he hold me from back and said.. can you see my angel..? yeah just look at your body.. i dont wanna bruise such delicate creation and touched my both boobs by both hands.. i said you are my life and i want you to share those moments with me.. he kept on caressing and said.. i know baby but i was doing this just because i wanted our skin-to-skin touch.. we live so far.. thats i wanted that.. and before he could get his hands back.. i asked him to caress me boobs untill i say stop.. i said i love your touch.. but i will miss you more.. he just turned at me and kissed on my forehead.. let me show you something.. he took my right hand in his hand and showed me my heart in mirror..

i got ferocious with him.. i wanted to have complete breast sex and he was so calm ..! he just came closer and may be was about to start licking my boobs.. lying on bed... i started crying.. i didnt knew what was wrong.. he didnt said anything.. he took my bra and help me wear it.. same with my shirt.. made my hair as they was still paining.. in my left nipple.. i didnt told him yet he asked.. baby, are you having pain somehwere..? i had to tell him and he was abit angry that i didnt told him such important thing..

he pulled my shirt & bra down & licked my left nipple twice for healing and said never do this again.. by this time i saw tears in his eyes.. he never wanted me to do anything against my wish..

he said.. dont be mad with youself baby.. you didnt did anything wrong... you are such a small baby my sweet heart.. its not our age now.. (he was 22 and i was 20 by that time) dont be upset with yourself.. we are gonna make a perfect pair.. and he kissed me on cheeks..

he hugged as if i was his child.. he was plaing with me silky hair.. and suddenly he saw small pimple on my face.. he asked about was it because of PMS ..? i was shocked.. i didnt knew if he know all about this.. may be he saw my confused face.. he kissed me on forehead and said.. you are my soulmate sweetie.. and i deserve to know everything about you..i studied this in biology but i wont mind if you share it with me.. wow.. he was my man after all.. i told him about how trobling in was during PMS and that..

i felt so closer to him.. like he was my soulmate..
we kissed for the last time.. checked-out.. gave wished for eachothers exams and left that place..

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May 14, 2012