Mothers Summer 4

Chapter IV

To wake up from an erotic dream is a very beautiful and sexy
experience, it makes you feel like having butterflies in your belly
all day long. But to wake up, only to find they are true, is
something even more erotic. That was the way I woke up.

Dannie was at it again. His morning erection playing on my naked
thigh as he was dry humping my leg, playing with my soft breasts.
Only this time, he wasn't only fondling with them, he was sucking my
nipples like he had done once before, when he was a baby and I nurse him.

I put my arm around him, caressing his dark-brown hair. He
looked up at me with his beautiful eyes and smiled at me, then he concentrated
on sucking my breasts again. It felt so good; it reminded me of how much I
enjoyed this when he was a child, when I could produce milk for him.
He was sucking harder and harder, like he expected something from them,
something I couldn't give him any longer...

After a minute or so of this treatment, I noticed his erecting
member had started to pump out some pre-*** on my thigh, tickling my nakedness...
I knew he was not far from *******, but I wanted to do something special this morning
other than just let him make love to me in his 'inexperienced fashion'. This morning I would
teach him something new, that could be enjoyed very much...Something my husband had taught me...

Slowly, not disturbing his session, I rolled on top of him,
straddling his belly, my big breasts hanging down in his face. He
tried to enter me, but I was way too high on his belly for him to
reach the place he was looking for.

"Good morning my love, would you like me to show you something?"

He let go of my saliva dripping nipple. My breasts bouncing
against his innocent face, his head in my cleavage.

"Can't we just...just do it? I really need it...I need it bad!"

"I know you do my love, but I want to make it even better for you...
I want to show you something that will feel really good to you, I
promise you'll enjoy it at least as much as making love...and honey, it's called making love..."

I spoke to him in a soft seducing voice, letting my big soft
breasts play on his face, my body riding his belly, my wet
***** leaking love-juices on his skin, smearing him with it,
like I was giving him a massage. I knew I was still a sexy woman who
could turn on most guys, so I pouted with my lips, and whispered "I
just want to please you the best way I can..."

I didn't wait for an answer...gently, not disturbing the
beautiful moment, I slid down his belly, till I reached his ****, and letting his
**** provocatively run in the crack of my *****. He started stabbing me with
his love-tool, ******* his hips upwards to meet my vagina, but I was prepared
for this. I continued down his legs...moving as easy and gingerly, facing him,
looking him in his eyes, leaning forward, thus letting my big breasts loosely,
dangling and swaying in rhythm with my movements.

"Part your legs honey..."

Slowly, like in a trance he did so. I let his **** play in the
crack of my breasts, giving them a squeeze from each side. Mashing
his **** between my softness, watching some of his crystal-clear
pre-*** dribble out of his hot-looking ****, his sexy purple-colored mushroom-head,
between my pale flesh. It was fascinating, so beautiful, so simple, naked skin to skin.
Again he started stabbing me with his manhood, sliding his **** up in my soft, fleshy cleavage.
Again I was prepared for it and continued my downward motion.

I lay down on my belly, startling his leg, letting my wet
softness play on his naked shin as I rode his muscular but still
almost hairless leg, my clitoris springing to full attention, my breasts on each side of his thigh.

I looked him in his beautiful eyes, smiling to him, smiling that
seductive smile I knew could drive his father crazy with lust. I
didn't feel obliged to this, I had never been with him either.
It was something I liked to do, I knew how good it felt, and I
wanted to give all possible love and pleasure to my son, thanking
him for the wonderful awakening he had given me. I knew that the
love between us, the way it had been just a day earlier, would
never come back. Our love was not only the natural love between
mother and son, but the sophisticated love and affection as for two
lovers, the game of giving and taking. The game of giving an
receiving pleasure in the most exciting way. I knew it was wrong to
do this kind of things, but I somehow accepted it, understanding
that I liked it, my son liked it, and as long as no one found out,
we could both enjoy a great time for as long as Dannie wanted. Of
course, there would come a time when Dannie would have to go his own way,
to find his life companion, his own girl to love and care for.
I would urge him to do so, he couldn't get stuck with me for the
rest of my life. Maybe it was good for him to have an older, more
knowing woman guide him in the intricate world of sexuality, to
show him everything and to teach him the beauties and the most
pleasurable ways. Maybe this could help him in the future. And
after all, would it be that bad besides the mere act of ****** if it
was with the person who loved him the most, a person who he could
rely on, a woman who would do anything for him, any request,
his very own mother? Someday he would be someone else's lover, but until then
I was his and he was mine, that was what mattered at
this point. What we were doing wasn't hurting anyone. He liked it
and I liked it.

Maybe today, I would have proceeded differently, I don't know,
but I probably wouldn't, after all, knowing of how great our
relationship has great it still is...

So I proceeded with my illegal but so pleasurable seduction of my
willing son.

I lowered my head down, opened my mouth and let my son's wet
**** slide inside my hot warmth.


I watched deeply in his eyes that were as big as onions
from the sudden surprise, his body ******* as I had entered his
love-shaft inside my craving mouth, his jaw hanging loose, mouth

I could smell the musky perfume from his love-tool, my nostrils
fluttering with delight and anticipation from the so familiar and
longtime missed smell. I could taste his manly secretions from his
rod, still just keeping him inside my mouth, letting my saliva soak
his shaft, washing his member and letting it mingle with his lovely
**** extracts.

Gently I started twirling my tongue over and around his mushroom
tip, feeling the sharp edge, playing with my tongue over his pee-
hole, wandering down along his ****, I explored each vein of his
lovely member.

Dannie had a hard time holding still, his eyes had closed, his
head was leaned backwards, his hips trying to hump my face. I knew
this was the time; his moans got louder, his body squirming faster
and more violently...I sucked; I sucked for dear life, like it was
the only thing that would keep me alive. I was nursing my own son's
**** like he had once nursed my breasts, waiting for the moment of
truth, his milkish *****, like he had once sucked my breasts dry
for motherly milk. His hands were suddenly around my head, pulling
my head down on his rod. I knew what he wanted. I started moving my
head up and down, like I would be ******* him.

It didn't take my son more than a few seconds before I could
feel the so familiar swell of his tip, his pre-*** dripping out of
his member. A sudden, "Ohhhhh....ohhhhh....", and then I felt a hard
twitch, a jerk, and I could sense the hot sticky seed pump inside
my eagerly sucking mouth. I wanted his first blow-job, to be the
best ever for him, something to look back to. Maybe his girlfriend
wouldn't like to do this to him when he got one, so he would have
something very memorable... I grabbed his small sac with my hand,
and with every jerk, I squeezed gently his testicles, feeling them
work freely as they were pumping out more *** in my mouth. And with
every jerk of his ****, I sucked as hard as I could, forcing
his *********** **** to pump out all the bitter and salty taste of my
lover's cream, emptying his testicles, the fresh load of his
wonderful milk filling my belly.

At first, oral-sex to me was pretty disgusting, however my husband
had shown me it could be one of the most pleasurable things for both women
and men. After doing it a couple of times with him,
I learned to keep his ***** in my mouth. From not really liking the strange spicy
love-cream, I learned to love the taste of it, I learned to enjoy swallowing it, feeling
the gooey hotness dribble down my throat, tasting every drop of it. I became an addict to it.

Dannie was shaking with excitement as he was climaxing, every
muscle appeared on his young body, showing he was a young man and not a boy any longer.
His manhood was spewing out his manly juices, filling my mouth as he was ******* uncontrollably.
I tasted his
***, enjoying the spicy and bitter taste of caviar, his hot cream
running down my throat as I swallowed. I enjoyed feeling his gooey
load ********* in my mouth. It was so hot to know I was drinking
his ***, the essence of masculinity, the essence of life, the
essence of my own son.


His *** had stopped oozing out, his **** was semi-erect, still
in my mouth. His body had relaxed, the squirming had stopped. I was
still holding his small sac in my hand massaging it carefully, the
other hand around the base of his ****, in a firm grip, keeping it
hard by not letting the blood leave his love-stick. My tongue was
playing on the tip of his rod, washing it with my saliva, cleaning
it up.

He opened his eyes, our glances met. I sucked all the excessive
liquids that covered his hardening ****, and swallowed, once more
tasting his musky aroma. Then I let it slide out of my mouth,
slowly I crawled up to his side, my hand working on his growing
****, ************ my son.

"Did you like that Dannie?” I asked him, with a whispering voice.

"Ohh, yeah mom...I..I never knew you could...could do it that
way...", he was looking at me like he still didn't believed what I
had done...

"Ohh yes Dannie, there's a lot of ways one can receive pleasures
from, this is only's called oral sex..."

I looked deep into his eyes; he was so beautiful, I never thought I would
wake up beside a man again. I never thought I would receive and give pleasures
to someone in the night as well as in the morning.

I bent down, my breasts falling down on his chest, and I kissed
him. Feeling his mouth pressed tight to mine, I let my lips open,
then I started to play on his lips with my tongue, forcing it into
his opening mouth.

Suddenly I felt his hard **** laying on my thigh, he was ready to
go for another shot. But I wanted something else...

" Dannie ", I whispered, "would you like to do a favor to me?".


I rolled off him, lying on my back, I took his hand, parted my
legs and guided his hand down to my wet hole. I started massaging
myself with his hand, and soon he caught on. He started playing with his
fingers on my mound...making me part my legs even more.

"Ohhh... feels so with your fingers...
uuhhhmmm...", I was so hot, my liquids pouring out of me as he was
playing, still very uncertain of himself, with my love cave.

Slowly, not wanting to disturb him, I crawled up in bed, my head
resting on the pillows...his head was at my belly. I put my hands
on his head, gently pushing him downwards...

"Ohhh...", I heard him whisper. He was down between my opened
legs. Looking directly into my *****, the place he had once come
from. It felt so strange to have a man between my legs again, to
have my own son look into my most secret place, but I didn't have
any second thoughts. His hand was making miracles down there...

I accommodated myself with the pillow under my head so I could
see the entire act. Gently I started caressing his dark-brown hair,
the same color as my pubic hair, watching his surprised gaze on my
*****. In the amazement he had forgotten everything, so carefully,
not disturbing his view, I grabbed his hand and started to move it
on my flesh in circles...

Slowly, I parted my legs as much as I could, bending the knees
and bringing the legs up towards my belly, finding, that it was the
same position I had once had when I had given birth to Dannie, only
now he was a man, with desires, a stallion between his mother's legs.

He gave out yet another "ohhh", when seeing my ***** open up in
front of his face, my inner lips protruding, my cave appearing to
be seen by his eyes for the very first time.

"mmmm.... Dannie...move your hand like feels so good..."

He somehow got it, and started moving his hand with fascination,
feeling my soft womanly flesh, slick with juices, under his

Not disturbing his fingering, I parted my lips with my fingers,
making my hard and blood-filled clitoris appear.

He was only inches away from my steaming *****. He was looking
at it like in a trance, watching the entrance to my vagina expand,
thus making the hole appear.

"Would you like to put your finger inside of me Dannie?"

"Can I...I mean..."

"Sure honey...I would love that, just be you don't
scratch me..."

I felt his inexperienced index finger probe at the entrance,
it found its way in, sinking into my slippery slit like it was melting butter.

"mmmmhhh....that feels really good...", I moaned, feeling his
finger slide in as far as it could go...

"'s so wet mom..."

"Yes Dannie, it becomes that way when a woman gets's designed that way to make the **** enter easier into the *****
do know what those things are..." I wanted to ease the tension by talking a little to him...

"I...I know what a **** is...but not the other...the other word"

"Well, it's where you have your finger right now...some call it
vagina, others call it a ****...but I prefer *****...", I moaned when
I felt his finger bend inside my vagina. "mmmm...move it in and out
of me and wriggle it just like that you would with
your **** makes me feel good that way...the same way it
makes you feel good."

He did as I asked him, watching in fascination as my *****
responded to his finger. Each time he pushed it in me, my entrance
would sink inwards almost collapsing, and each time he withdrew his
juice covered finger, my ***** would follow his finger outwards,
like it didn't want to let go...

I started to massage my clitoris with my fingers while my son
was fingering my *****. He was right, I was so wet between my
legs, the sex-act so far had made me all excited, making my juices
flow from my cave, some dribbling out, smearing my slender thighs.

"mmmmmm...uhmmmm, feels so good Dannie...rub this little bud here
with your thumb while you play with your
finger....ahhhh....that's the way....mmmmmm...."

Dannie was a quick learner, fascinated by what he saw, looking in
trance at the strange process that happened only inches away from
his beautiful face.

He was doing what I loved the most when my husband was fingering my *****,
I had learned that I enjoyed feeling a finger or a **** inside my ***** while he was
tickling my clitoris with his other
finger or thumb. Now Dannie was giving me the same treatment...and I wasn't far from ******...

"mmmm...that's right...put in more....
finger...", he did what I asked, and soon I felt another finger
slide into the depths of my *****, accompanying the other as he
expanded my hole further...

"ahhhh...faster....faster Dannie..."

Then it came, so fast and merciless, like a tornado, taking my
body up to heights of pleasure and relief. My ***** clamping around
his fingers, ******* and twitching as I came in a ravaging ******.


I was caressing his hair, his fingers had ceased playing in my
sensitive hole, my ***** still giving an occasional twitch in the
aftermath of the ******.

"What happened mom, did I hurt you or anything?"

"No Dannie, it felt marvelous..."

"Can I play more?"

I smiled at him softly, and placed my hand on his hair, enjoying the
sense of the aftermath...

"Yes can play with my...*****...", it felt strange to
say that word to my son, even though he was looking straight into
my juice dripping hole. " can play with my ***** anytime
you'd like to..."

"Really mom?"

He inserted one of his fingers into my sticky hole, pumping it in
and out of me, like moments earlier.

"Anytime you'd like, it will be ready and waiting for you..", I
moaned feeling his finger wriggling inside my sensitive *****, "placing his thumb
on the little bud...that's what drives a girl crazy..."

"You mean this..?" he asked, looking up at me.

"Yes lover, it's called clitoris...that's where the woman gets
very excited when touching her..."

I looked down at my son, he looked so concentrated, so occupied
and devoted to what he was doing, transfixed by the act...

"It's so beautiful..." I heard him whisper.

"Would you like to do something even more beautiful, something
that would give me even more pleasures honey?"


Gently I pushed his head towards the entrance to my *****. I
felt a little hesitation at first, but then he gave in. This was
what I had waited for...

"Please Dannie, lick me down there..."

I saw him look up at me, hesitantly, like not believing what I
was asking him to do, then his tentative tongue touched my
fluttering lips.

"...mmmm...yes Dannie...that's right...lick your tongue on
that little bud...", I showed him that I meant my clitoris,

He was a quick learner, and I didn't have to instruct him what
I wanted him to do. It came so natural for him. I felt tears coming
in my eyes from the excitement and love for my child. The child
that now so affectionately was giving me such a pleasure, like only
one man before had ever done.

I watched in fascination as he was flickering his tongue on my
clitoris, rewarding me with loving feelings, playing in the crack of
my *****, and then occasionally he let it dart in and out of my
steaming cave, my juices pouring out of me...

"...uuunnhhhh...unhhh...yes...that's right...go on...faster...
faster my love...I'm"

I felt the familiar tingling in my toes, then came the torrent,
my ***** exploding in pleasure as it was cramping around his little
tongue. My legs had locked him up between my thighs, forcing his
face tight to my lips, my hips grinding without control against his
beautiful face, smearing my juices on his face, my ***** almost
wanting to take his entire head inside of me. To have him inside my
womb like I had once so long ago.

My entire body was shivering as waves of lust took control of
me, merciless making it twitch and jerk with lust and wonderful
feelings...I was in heaven...


Slowly I awoke from the trance I had been in, finding that Dannie
was playing with his fingers on me, occasionally giving me a lick
while he was stroking his erected member.

"Thank you good..."

He stopped ************ and looked up at me with his beautiful

"I never knew girls could like it that bad...I only thought
boys...I thought girls hated this kind of least...
that's what I've heard...I mean..."

I smiled at him, caressing his hair again, motherly, like I had
done so many times before.

" I told you my love, you have a lot to learn...girls will
like it as much as boys will. Only they hide it...they don't want
to admit it..."


"Yes my son, what is on your mind?"

"Could we do it...I we did yesterday... I really
need it...could we? Please mom?"

"Sure honey...I can see you need it...I guess it's that way when
you're young...come here..."

I opened up my arms, he crawled up, his body pressed tight to mine,
my breasts crushing under his weight...
Momentarily he started humping me, however, his **** was just
playing on my belly. I lowered my hand, gripped his wet ****, and
showed him the entrance...

"That's it lover...push it in slowly now...ahhhhhh...." I didn't
have to wait long for him to enter me. He buried his love stick to
the hilt in me with one mighty plunge. I was so well lubricated
that it went in and out so easily.

He came soon. He had only been humping me for half a minute or
so, then it was too much for him. The rhythm increased as he neared
his climax, then with a sighing "oohhhh moooom..." he buried his
member as deep as he could, his small sac smacking against my
buttocks, his body started shivering as he exploded inside my
*****, his hot sticky *** spurting deep inside my waiting
hole....Surge after surge of love-juices erupting as I was
squeezing his buttocks, pressing his crotch close to mine, our
genitals being one, grinding against each other in a strive of
sexual relief.


I didn't let his member go limp, after all I hadn't orgasmed
with him inside me yet, and I really wanted him to make me *** one
final time.

His **** was still twitching when I rolled on top of him, our
mouths meeting in a deep kiss, my drooling tongue playing inside
his wet mouth, meeting his tongue.

I slid down his body, till I reached his semi-erect ****. I
looked up at him, he was in heaven, his eyes squirming as I saw
drools of beautiful white ***** still dribbling out of his
mushroom-like slit.

I took him inside my mouth, sucking his sensitive **** as hard
as I could, sucking out all the excessive ***** out of his hot
member which mixed with the juices from my hole he had been inside only
moments earlier. I let the liquids play on my taste buds,
enjoying the taste of our mingled ***, then swallowing. With my
hands I was holding his little sac, squeezing it gently while
working my other hand up and down rhythmically, ************ him.

"Ohhhh...moooommm....", his hands were pressing my head down on his ****,
and I knew what he wanted. Slowly, but still with the
sucking motion, I started moving my head up and down on his shaft,
thus turning my mouth into an artificial *****, only that my hot
mouth was sucking him hard like a ***** could never do.

I could feel the taste of his pre-***, and knew this was the
time. I let him go out of my mouth, watching as a string of *** and
saliva clang between his **** and my lips. Eagerly I darted my
tongue out and cut it, lapping it up, letting my tongue move
lightly on his mushroom tip, tickling his purple colored ****.

I gave it a final kiss, tenderly my lips closing around it while
my tongue played on it, leaving a large amount of juices and
saliva. Then I proceeded with strive for relief.

I straddled him, in a riding position, my big breasts hanging
only inches from his face. Grabbing his **** with my hand I played
with it in the crack of my slit, then finally guiding it to the entrance, positioning it.
I was so wet with the previous ***, still oozing out of me, and his **** so wet with
my spit and his ***, that when lowering myself on his intruder, it went in so easily that
it felt like it was meant to be inside of me forever.

Gently I started riding him in a slow rhythm, feeling his big
shaft plunge into the depth of me, every time I lowered myself down
on him.

I looked him in the eyes; saw the hot glances of an animal in heat.
I lowered my upper body so that my breasts reached his face, bumping against it,
guiding them so he could suck on my nipples.

"Please Dannie, play with my breasts...please suck on them...
anhhhh... that's right..."

Dannie was more than eager to fulfill my wish, the passion was so
tremendous that no one can understand how good it felt, only true
lovers. There was no right or wrong, it was pure lust and desire, love and affection.

I orgasmed twice, while I was riding him, then he came inside of
me, once more filling me up with his loving *****, the evidence of
how much he loved me.


After our wonderful love session, and some more playing, we got
out of bed. It was still very early, and Dannie reluctantly tip-toed
to his room after trying to stay "a little while longer". I persuaded him, after
letting him suck on my breasts once more, to go to his room, and go to sleep,
after all, it was Monday, and that meant he would have to leave for his summer-job
and besides, I needed some sleep too.

I sprawled out on the bed, naked, the sheets clinging to my body
from the sweat and the ***, and I started caressing my swollen and
somewhat sore *****. Sticking a finger up inside me, I could feel
his seed from the two climaxes. I played a little with myself, tasting the ***
from my *****, savoring the taste and remembering the wonderful moments
only minutes ago. I thought of going to the bathroom and wash myself up,
especially my genitals, to minimize the risk of getting pregnant, but I put the idea aside.
I knew my son was fertile, but I reasoned it would after all be too late for
that now. Besides, I liked knowing I had my son's ***** inside of
me, even though I knew it was a hazardous game, it kind of thrilled
me, knowing I could get pregnant...
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