Trouble In The Kitchen

I got myself in trouble last night! Sweetpea came home from work and we decided to have dinner before suckling and fooling around. So she changes into one of my dress shirts and was naked except for the shirt. While she prepared a casserole I stood back leaning against the pantry door and we talked. She was so sexy in her bare feet and legs sticking out below my shirt. My shirt tail comes to just under her butt. She always leaves the top two to three buttons undone. Anyway she’s so cute there stirring and cooking I just had to come up behind her and start kissing her on the neck and nibbling on her ear. She was enjoying it so without thinking I reached around and completely unbuttoned her/my shirt. Now I was looking over her shoulder and still nuzzling her neck while gazing at her beautiful sexy body. I was rubbing and kissing and then I heard, “oh **** stop that oh **** you’re ruining dinner”. I opened my eyes and Sweetpea’s milk had let down and she was spraying milk all over the place out of both breasts and it was going into the skillet which contained our dinner. She’s pushing my away holding a kitchen towel in front of her. I’m laughing and trying to apologize but not doing very well at it. I told her it’s fine I love her milk so it will only sweeten the casserole. I was ordered to stay 3 feet away from her while she’s cooking from now on. I’m not sure I’ll be able to abide by that rule because she’s so damn sexy and I have a low impulse control when it comes to her. Any way after dinner actually right after dinner she comes around the table puts her dish in the sink then comes over spins my chair sideways and climbs in my lap and unbuttons her/my shirt and says, “now you can play”. So I open her shirt and rubbed my left over casserole sauce on her breast and began to lick it off. It only took a moment and it was mixed with her sweet tasty milk following again. So I suckled breast one while breast 2 dripped on my leg. Sweetpea tipped her head back and held herself to me with her hands behind my head. Wasn’t long and I had both breasts suckled. Then I picked her up. Note to self your back isn’t what it used to be. But I lifted her onto the counter and dropped my pants. I began licking her much to her delight because of the low long growling moan she let out and then made love to her on the counter. We had knocked stuff off the counter and by the time we finished we were both on the counter with her under me. It was a very good desert! Then we set about laughing and playing like school kids cleaning up the kitchen. Even though we have a dishwasher washing dishes with that sprayer hose was fun too. Until I had to mop the floor! I hope your nights are as fun as this ole couples is.
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Sep 12, 2012