I Love To Be Nursed

I have been making milk for about 19 months now. I take the drug domperidone. It has a side effect of causing the pituitary gland to secrete prolactin, which is a hormone that makes women make milk. It is naturally produced in pregnant women, but I am past the age of being pregnant although if I could I would get pregnant to make lots of milk.
Nursing moms make the most milk, as an inducee I make plenty of milk, but if I was preggers I could make milk on the supply/ demand schedule.
If I want to make more milk I need to be taking certain herbs and eating foods that help produce more milk. There are also some foods called galactogouges(sp?). You might want to google golactogoges for the exact foods to help make more milk. Some of the herbs come in the form of tinctures, one of them is called More Milk Special Blend, it is available through Amazon. Amazon has lots of herbs for lactation.
My journey into lactation has been lots of fun. I have nursed men and women and I love it. At one time I was making so much milk I could squirt four feet across the room for twenty minutes. I tell you THAT is A LOT OF MILK!!!!!!. I have recently had to start milk production over again. Sadly, I had run out of domperidone.
I was nursed yesterday. The man that I let nurse from me was a little too eager and he left my nipples pretty bruised up. I am so sore I could not express my milk today and the whole point of having him nurse from me was to up my milk production. I will try to express my milk tonight, but it will be painful.
I find being nursed very erotic. I will write some erotica about this later. Right now I am getting to know experienceproject. I have been on this site for about a week now.
When I am nursed I have multiple *******. When nursing an infant I think most mothers ignore these feelings of sexual stimulation. I know I remember this and knowing it was wrong and turning off my mind from those feelings but now I can fully embrace the sensations while being nursed.
It is wrong to get sexual satisfaction from nursing your baby. That is child abuse and I will not stand for child abuse.
I will write some erotica about being nursed tomorrow. I have some on the site called fetlife.com. I have the same name there. You can look me up and see pictures of me and my breasts there as well as reading my erotica and joining the lactation groups there.
Good luck to all the women who want to experience this wonderful kink. I have learned to embrace it and fully love being nursed and chatting about nursing. I also like to learn from others who have lactation as one of there experiences.
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mmmm id be in absolute heaven being nursed by you. I found your story extremley erotic. Id love to learn more froom you sometime xxx

very nice story. I've always dream of being nursed by lactating women of any ages of any breasts size. i just wish i can experience one right now :)

I would love to climb up in your lap and nurse you full breast - I am a very little tiny person and could fit in your lap while I nurse - I love to be held and suckel the warm milk and feel the love and the warmth of a special Lady - please write to me - OK

hey deb nice to meet you.

Sweet ...

You have realy made my day hoping there is someone like yourself out there for me

Glad you liked reading about me.