Erotic Lactation

He comes into the room, I am ready. I have on a loose but well fitted shirt on. He moves the shirt aside. He reaches for my breasts, I feel the arousal already. I am wanting him, he opens his mouth and I place my nipple there in his warm mouth.
He draws in his breath. I feel his warm tongue touching my nipple, he closes his mouth around my nipple and the milk flows into his mouth. I feel the ******* start as he is sucking the milk from me.
We hold each other in that circle that has no end, does he hold me, or do I hold him? I am nursing him on my couch, we get up and move to the bedroom. He undresses me. He sees my breasts for the first time in all their nakedness. I love knowing that is appreciates my body.
We lay on my bed with the covers around us. We will stay this way till he has drunk as much milk as he wants, my body starts to quiver in an ******. He feels me getting so close, he wants me. He pushes his pants to the floor. I feel his hardness between us, I move to hold his **** in my hand, I move so that it easily slips into my vagina.
We begin the movement meant for all lovers to feel each other, his thrust met by mine. We reach for each other, over and over again I feel him inside me. His movements come faster and faster, but I am able to keep up with him we are now at the very brink of satisfaction. His thrusts reach me and I reach for him.
Ahhhhhhhhh, the release is exquisite. We *** together and lay in each others arms till the need for one another comes again and we repeat this over and over again.
Such hard *******, so sweetly they come.
We will repeat this all afternoon.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

so arousing and sensually written. The idea of feeding on your brest milk feels so naughty yet so comforting.

great story, someone is very lucky