More Than I Asked For....

I am involved with two male friends. For a while, I would have sex with them one at a time after our "dates," but one night, I called them both over to satisfy my fantasy...having two men suckle my breasts at the same time and I told them that I wanted to begin lactating. I didn't have to ask twice. In a matter of minutes I was sitting in my bed dry nursing both of them. I was in heaven. They suckled for an hour straight, one of them *********** me and I had multiple *******. At this point, my other friend got up and sat naked at the edge of the bed. He signaled for me to sit on lap. He was so hard and erect. I sucked and licked him before sitting on his lap, feeling him enter from the rear. My other friend approached me , spread my legs and
placed my ankles on his shoulders. Omg, he entered me from the front and felt every inch of his erection. All three of us were locked in total pleasure. It was rough, raw, and we all couldn't get enough of it even after we all climaxed. We all slept together that night with both of my friends suckling at my breasts before falling asleep. Mmm...I'll be lactating in no time ;-)
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

wow ...twin sucking is so erotic ..I am sure you will be in MILK soon.

Lots of guys out there looking

Sounds like haven, if only I could find one to suckle me.....
You give me hope I will find someone and maybe two.....sounds like you had a ball.