My Ripe Thick Nipples Want To Be Milked

I drive down the road and reach in to play with my big thick nipples. I crave to be sucked and milked. My nipples are perking, showing though my sheer white dress. Yes, u looking at my thick nipples, come here and suck on me, milk my ripe ****. Reach in and expose my breasts to feast on. I want to be sucked. My ripe nipples r errect and bare. The feeling of my nipples being sucked is amazing, it feels like my body is being controlled by my nipples. The sucking wakes up my ****. I start become very wet.

Hulagirlz Hulagirlz
51-55, F
11 Responses Feb 17, 2010

...I get the impression you like your breasts being suckled - can I join in ???

Add and message me, I'm interested


Do you ever go out dressed like that and not the reactions you get as people look at your breasts through your dress?


I wish I could wrap my lips around your thick nips

Absolutely delicious!

wish u lived near ny.would love to have a you to drink

twist them, pull them , make them cream- yes you know how good it feels cow

I hope you were pumping or sucking on your nipples when you wrote this. A good milkmaiden can't leave her nipples alone and loves to play with them for hours.

Oregon, I am a good milkmaiden, knowing how to please my milkman.

where are you from? anywhere near NJ? I can go as far as 200 miles for a taste of milk and you sound like someone I would go 500 miles to suckle on....yum!

If I latch on to those big, thick nipples, I won't come off until that breast has been drained and I am switching to the other breast.