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Brother Stayed Over

My brother had got his divorce in the summer and it was coming up to christmas so i invited him up. Debs was happy to help but disappointed that our sex was to be limited as he was staying. I was determined to let him see her naked and let nature take its course. I would wait til she was having a shower and show him round our bedroom just as she walked out naked. Told her he was in bed asleep (he was on comp checking his emails in the study) and started to kiss her and turn her on. wasnt long before i had her naked and licking her getting her worked up. My brother walked in and saw my wife naked legs wide being licked. Debs was so worked up and horny she had passed caring - my brother was too horny to refuse after 6 months wanking and no sex that he dived in. i watched him give her a good hard frantic **** and shot a good load up her. i wanked over her ****. it was so hot.

cuckoldhubby cuckoldhubby 41-45, M 4 Responses Jun 26, 2009

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i've let my brother **** my wife many times it's more of a turn on for me watching hin *** in her...and those sloppy seconds are the best.

Very hot story. I'm in a similiar situation now... think it may happen soon!

great story.. I shared my wife with two of my brothers. It was awesome.

wow, that was so cool!

Great story.........