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Childhood Days Are The Best

I want to go back in time and want my childhood days back when.

"Getting High" meant "On Swing"

"Drinking" meant "Apple Juice"

"Dad" was the only "Hero"

"Love" was "Moms hug"

"Highest place on earth" was "Dads Shoulder"

my "Worst enemies" were "My own siblings"

Only thing that could get "Hurt" were "Skinned knees"

The only thing "Broken" were my "Toys"

and when "Goodbyes" meant till "Tomorrow"

saviourboy saviourboy 16-17, M 4 Responses Oct 24, 2009

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ohh its fantastic... really took me to my childhood days...

I'm saving this into my library!

i like the whole thing/-

I love this. Especially love "goodbye" means "tomorrow" :)