I Miss My Children

L ast Oct my 3 children were taken, the two youngest taken to the country, where I drive every Fri. DOCs wants them in care until they're 18. They want to come home, I want them to come home. I am not a bad mother , I couldn't cope for about 6 months, as I was burned out and needed support. They were not abused. They have always been loved and still are.


It's a living nightmare.. I have nightmares all the time and so do the little ones..so far legal bills are $30,000 and we haven't gone to hearing yet. I have just left my job. I have a constant headache. My oldest son is 200m in the next street. His friend's parents offered to take hum for life straight away! Kidnappers. I feel like I'm just the piece of garbage who gave birth to them. Noone listens to me, I'm just their mother! Sorry I'm so angry and bitter.

sammy77 sammy77
41-45, F
Mar 5, 2009