It's All About Psychology!

We lost Daddy about a yeat ago! Daddy's little girl is 20 and her brother is 18. Daddy use to be very strict. I liked that. It's much better then someone who does not care at all. Plus he had very good reasons for being over-protective: he had been very badly heart himself and did not want anything to happen to them... But after he passed away, I let them loose. Completly loose... Friends were staying at our house all the time. Clothes were shared... Parties every week end...
One day my son complained that the thongs he had just received for his birthday had disappeared. "Dont come complaining to me" I said. That's what happens...
Eventually, a few weeks later, I had enough. It was time to get back to normal. I said: "that's it! Time to get back to reality. I want all these clothes out of here by Saturday or I give them to charity."
It was as though they had been waiting for this.They were so relieved and pleased to get back to normal. And peace has regained.
Like the saying goes: "Give a mug enough rope and he hangs himself!"
Dont force anyone to do anything... It doesnt work!
Let them make mistakes! They know what is right and wrong by now.... TRUST THEM!!!

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We learn from our own experience.This is so human like! Our parents can hit themselves against the wall trying to prevent us from doing what they think is wrong- yet we choose our ways... in any any age, under any circumstances.We learn only from our mistakes...