College Night

Tomorrow my sister is taking my daughter and my niece to an open house event at our local college. They will tour the campus with students and learn about all the options available to them as well as how to apply and get financial assistance. I'm excited for her but letting them go alone so she can gain more independence. I think it will be good for them and maybe give her more ideas on what she wants to do with her life.

She's not a stranger to the campus as that's not only where all my doctors are but I've taken her to musical events there and my sister, who graduated a few years ago, allowed my daughter to participate in a class project where they both acted out a scene regarding aids. I encourage her to be involved and believe that she'll be taking over her group.

I just want her to succeed!

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

this is a good thing anything they can do to help themm in the future

I'd rather she stay in town but being that I'm also looking we may end up at the same school. I just want her to get her spark back and realize that she can do anything her heart desires!

My daughter is also looking at further education. She wants to go to university anywhere but here. Though it will be so hard to let her go, I think going away to school is something she needs to do and something I wish I'd done.