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Rip My Clothes Off...

I am here. I feel your gaze. It burns my body. It is hot like the sun on me on an August afternoon..I am so hot for you, it is unbearable. I know you want me. I want you too. Let's not wait. Come close. Your lips devour me. I am on fire. You are too. I feel you harden against me. It's not enough...It will never be. I am small in your arms. Yield to our passion. Rip my clothes off...You know you want to...I want you to...Your buttons spray the air...The sound of tearing clothes is loud and welcome. My blouse hangs in shreds. You cannot be fast enough. I yank down your jeans and your underwear. We are focused on our task. You thrust me against the wall. I am wet and willing . You are hard and wanting. You bang me until I come...Again and again and again. I yell your name. I beg you not to stop. We sink to the floor, satisfied for the moment.We are dripping in sweat. I smile. You do too. Shall we go again? I can't stop wanting you.
PoetryNEmotion PoetryNEmotion 51-55, F 89 Responses Mar 2, 2012

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What will you wear home ?

Why you are in my home, my territory now....LOL. I hear a smile covers a lot. :)

You're right, my bad - smile away.

mmmm love to rip you clothes off and ravage your body.

Yeah. I bet you would. This was one of my earliest postings. People love it. It still holds true.

Dang you get me thinking naughty thoughts......

Better wear something you never want to wear again

Know what? I am still waiting for someone to do this to me! LOL.

You're kidding......

Just come down here and your fantasy will be fulfilled...

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Thats how it should wanting. Clothes can be replaced. Good passionate sex.

Well, yeah. Thank you, DP.


R. This was my first published thought here. I have grown so much since then. Now I am Free. And I cannot tell you how incredible this is! :)

Your writing has been fairly incredible all along.

You are such a darling friend. Thank you from my heart. :)

You write well and after reading this I am excited.How I wish I had a woman like you in my arms right now.

With that thought I believe people would live longer and be oh so much happier.How I wish I had a woman that couldn't wait to get to my naked body.I know she's out there

Do not give up searching. She is...:)

:) So awesome.

Thank you. Have you left your unhappy union yet?


More like natural sweetness! Raw passion. Hi, Hombre! How goes it? lol

no so good after reading this.;

You are unclear. Why not so good? Pssssssssst! I like dirty talk during "the act". lol


Oh, I have a bad girl inside me, Hombre. Don't fool yourself. *winks* I have a collection of garters and I am working on my box of toys too! Later. :)


I find that word lacks....interest. lol

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I can see why this is your Most Viewed. And in only just 200 words . wow

It is not my best though, Halo. Thank you. It was my first. *big smile* I cherish you.

Hate to take charge and put you over my knee. But us the readers will decide ,, Which is best .. Lol

I'm left panting....

Then you must...Pleasure yourself! :)

mmm yes, I'm straining in my jeans, I shall re-read and release my aching tool and seek pleasure!

Well, that is good. I wouldn't want you suffering unnecessarily..:)

I prefer to read your stories naked, and this is the effect it all has on me, I shall type and flick through one-handed.....

Hmmm...You will like my erotica then. It is sprinkled here and there. Thank you. Enjoy. You should post how it makes you feel. I would like that. :)

I will........... ; )

I love to read about your desires, the ripping of my buttons on my flies, your lust for my torso, your eyes bearing into me, mentally and physically undressing me till am I exposed.... when i read you are wet and willing, my **** strains for attention, my hand automatically goes down to steady it.... hold feel it, pretend its your hands wrapped around, pretend your nails are scratching my shaft, making me flinch, and twitch with every flick of your fingers..... I imagine your breath low, warm on my tool and I imagine your breasts unfurled towards me, nipples erect and waiting to be suckled, exposed to the cold air and wanting my hot lips to nibble and suck them till they ache for your own pleasure.... I imagine you taking long tight strokes of me, pulling my foreskin up and down as I pleasure your nipples....

Wow. That is very erotic. Thank you . Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

*performs her healing arts*

Vetrov. You are hilarious. Where is my tape of your show?

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*giggling* This was the first I placed here. Raw passion never loses it's power. :)

Every single word i totally adore, i promise i shall read more.

Excellent. Say.....Are you single, intelligent, and available? I am curious...:)

My my my dear Lady, how I'm truly sorry, i have grown to love secrecy....... hahaha, single and available probably, but intelligence? How i wish its in me..

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This was one of the first things I wrote her. It remains one of the most popular. Raw passion. And no one has ripped off my clothes yet. Do you think anyone would? lol

Don't understand why they haven't. Lol

Nor I. I am lovely. *giggles* Some undress me slowly. Or I must undress myself hurridly. What is the problem do you think? *looks at you intently* Do you want to rip off my clothes?

**** yessssss.

I know YOU do. You already do. LOL. I was asking Fisherman! I think he does too! kissesssssssssssssssssssssss....

Maybe we should tag team you...

I have always wanted a *********. I could handle both of you. Course you two would likely pass out. lol. I do have a high sex drive. :)

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Whew. I gotta go cool off.
I love passion in a woman.

You seem to be all heated up, Sacron. I did reply to your blog comment. Go taste. And then locate me. LOL. I am a passionate creature indeed...A cold shower may help. :)

Good read.

Thank you. This is one of the first things I wrote here nearly 3 yrs ago, Chess.

a long time ago i decided that i much prefer to live as a female. some people have even gone so far as to say
i am pretty.

No. You are beautiful. I know...:)

I have a story to write. (c)
Because i am different from you.
I'll try and get it just right
so you will understand it too.
I was born intersexed you see.
both a bit of he and of she..
to say its confusing is a bit of a strech.
but to be really honest it is.
just wondering which bathroom
you can use is a task
do you go into hers or in his.
And when you are ready to date
which friend do you ask to the prom?
are you more like a guy or is it girlie
that you are and and does the date
end up as a bomb.
these are questions i have had all my life.
do i want to be husband or a wife?
can i give the love a spouse deserves
or should i just stay alone and
avoid all the Marital strife.?

There is nothing wrong with you. So just be whoever you want to be. Hermaphrodites are unique. So you should be happy in the knowledge that you are incredible. Okay? :)

That sounds so familier .
it is the age old throbbing
of love and lust making us
dance to the rythem of
the instructions in our Genes.
to replenish and replace
the copies of our selves.
so that life may continue
after the husks that are us
have gone back to the dust.

And it's so much damn fun ;)))))))

Get naked - quick...

Never had this experience yet! But hoping...:)

Very poetic! Thank you! :)

I guess that's how most of us would like it - a burst of unbridled animal passion and to hell with the consequences.

Wonder if it ever actually happens outside our fevered imaginations?

I am a realistic romantic. And I intend to have this fantasy come true. Believe me I am working on it. *smiles secretly* It will happen. Count on it. Then, when I write on it, it will be with experience. And in that forum I created long ago. I am curious on if you will make yours materialize.

My fantasy is most unlikely to materialise - just coming up to my 40th anniversary, but my wifechas both physical and psychological issues that means a rabid animalistic burst of unbridled passion is most unlikely to occur.

I left a sexless marriage of 3 decades a year ago this March that just passed. So I am well acquainted with what you are saying. And so, I wish you well. She could be helped. Whose choice is it, ultimately? And what are you content to live with? All your own answers...

My choice to stay - I remember vowing "in sickness and in health" and I intend to keep it. It's not like a lot of the marriages in here - her issues are deep seated and despite treatment she's just a shell of the stunning girl I married.
I do relieve my frustrations but it's difficult sometimes.

Still it's what it is.

Many do remain. They have reasons. Valid ones, I am sure. People change. My ex was a monster. And he is gay. Not that gay men are monsters. But he could not say who he was. And he has mental issues. Shells seem to be what people remain with. Pity. But I commend you. And I know you will suffer. How do you relieve? Self-pleasuring? Many cheat. As I said, it is your life. And your choice. Thank you.

How? ****, some playmates in EP aand prostitution is legal over here.

Not going near an affair - way too many complications.

I get by.

I'm glad you seem to have prospects - just go easy on him at first....unless you both are into acting like horny teenagers :)

So you do cope. But in the end, are you happy? Fulfilled? Satisfied? Course I have prospects. I am desirable. And I seem to be the kind of "dream" girl men desire. But I am selective and I have high standards. I never was the typical teen. I did not date until 19. If I had been, I would not have got involved with my ex. Course everyone was young and naive at 19. I was.

Reasonably happy - it does get frustrating but there's no way I'd leave her - she needs me.

I do like how you describe yourself - "dream" girl are you? Some guy is going to hit the jackpot with you.

Got to sign off as I'm nearly home but I'd love to chat more - would you add me?

Zen hug - you sound delicious.

Needing is not always desirable. What about what you need? Think on that. Sacrificing one's own desires for another is not always what is best. You are not a selfish man. A fine yet severe quality. Many have called me a dream girl. And yes, many agree on this jackpot. And I laugh merrily. I will. I think I could teach you a bit on life. And you bring a quiet song to me. I am certainly irresistible. *beams* But then, so are you. And I am delighted on an intelligent discussion on a piece of poetry that I never knew would cause so much lust!

where do you think all the single mothers come from?! ! !

From failed unions. From intercourse with no regard for protection. From one-night stands. From men who cannot handle a commitment. From many things.

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Nice. You are passion oriented woman.

Thank you.

Nicely done. I believe you should "go again"!

This is fiction...Some day, DM..:)

i have been married 4 times . three of my Partners died.Two with
heart attacks and one with last partner and i were ,arried 37 years . I wondered if i would ever find anyone that would love me ever again. I was 65 and had been out of circulation for fourty years.
I dated a few times but never found anyone that there was that spark
or chemistry with. one night i was in a chat room and saw this guy that was chatting with a girl. He mentioned that he lived inthe same town that i did. So later I started Chatting with him and we found that we both knew some of the same people so we became friends.Later I met his mother and we also became friends.

And now?

And now we have been married for 9 years.

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This is pretty deep I must say............

This was one of the first things I wrote on EP. I am still surprised it is so popular. I think it is the rawness and naturalness of it. Do read more. I appreciate your comments, zonus. Thank you.

I would still hold you and love you
No matter how you dressed.
no matter who your friends are
i would always be impressed.
By who you were and how you stand.
and if you love a woman
thats ok because it shows
that you are only human.
we love who we love
it is how we feel.
Just be sure that the love is real.
Love is such a glorious thing
it can also break your heart.
If somewhere down the road
of life as lovers you have to part.

'My blouse hangs in shreds'... *gags him with the tatters*

Vetrov. I am unsure exactly what you are meaning...Be clear. Thank you. *leaves puzzled*

Your 'masterful leading man' is becoming 'too cocky'.... so you 'superbly seize the initiative'!.....

Thank you for your clarity! Why, Vetrov, my sweet! I think you are speaking switch! :)

Dam ! You just got me hard!

Thank you. This was my first story on EP. I think the rawness is appealing to everyone, the natural sensuality. This was 2 yrs. ago. I reposted an old story today that I am exploring today in my life. Go taste it and tell me what you think...:)

I will.

wow mmmmmmmm

*laughs* Night, billstickers!

I don't care how good the sex is, I buy expensive clothes, so any ripped or stretched garments will be replaced.

David Banner!!!!!!! Right??

I am not acquainted with the Hulk! LOL....:)

Ummmmmm This one! oops!

I did return here just to check. I don't forget much. Not words. :)

That is amazing thankyou for bringing me to a great feeling!

You are welcome, Steven! :)


Yes? *laughing softly* That is all you have to say? :)

more, much more but only to you

That's the best way to work up a sweat!!!!!

LOL. It is better than soccer! LOL. :)

I read the responses below too and I agree that you've captured the spirit of your passion very well indeed. You could easily expand this to a short story if you wanted. Well done and thank you for sharing this.

Thank you. It must live the way it is...I have written other erotica. If you examine the responses below, they will lead you to them. I thank you for your comments. :)

You're welcome. Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind, but I was getting pretty sleepy. Will so peruse. :)

Thank you. *giggles* Enjoy. And do comment. It inspires me to write more....:)

Will do both. ;)

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