He Left My Family, Most Importantly Me. I Was Only 4

I try to hold my feelings inside
I want him to think he is making me happy
But deep inside
My heart is falling apart
Each time we see each other
Another part of my heart crashes down,
and breaks in a million pieces.
And those pieces can never be put back together.
You walked out on us,
many years ago
And left without a care.
I know you care,
but its just not enough
I can't keep going on like nothing is wrong.
It's killing me inside,tearing me apart
I have to hide myself from the world.
Just so no one will see
how much you tore us into two.
I don't know who you are anymore,
let alone
i have no idea who i am.
You used to tell me every night
how much you loved me,
how you never wanted anything to happen to me,
how you never wanted to lose me,
how i was the best thing that happened to you.
how you were always going to be there for me.
Where are you when i need you the best?
You  seem so far away,
like you're out of my reach.
Almost as if you're gone forever.
I miss you with whats left of my heart.
I wish you would come home.
But, you can't.
I wish we could all be happy again.
But, we can't.
There's nothing we can do now
All because of a mistake
Oh, how i wish i could just go back in time
have a chance to change everything.
I never wanted this to happen.
You said You never intended this to happen
It never was either.
I want to spend more time with you
I want you back in my life...
Cause that's what every little girl deserves.
KayKay7 KayKay7
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010