My lovely daughter is 25 years old,funny how i still think of her as my little girl. She has a 9 year old son and a 18 mos old son. Until the birth of my latest grandson i could hide the truth about face, from myself.But after mini-face was born...well I have to keep him safe so i had to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. One day a police officer brought my eldest son to my house and said he was "tweeking". so i got on here the information hiway, and started learning all about meth and crack. The more i read the more my heart sank. My beautiful sweet daughter is a crack-head, and so is the babies daddy.Well bad news multiplies and quickly. The two crackheads end up in jail I end up with the adorable baby. Welfare gives  me the kids but no legal papers, mom can take them whenever. The first time she took them,after 2 days, she was arrested after taking mini-face into a room full of crack, Luckily she snuck and called me and i got the baby before welfare did.Again no legal paperwork from welfare, and not even a check back visit,,.She would go weeks without contact with the kids, Two months ago she moved in with another woman, and took the boys again. Does a crackhead stop on their own? Everything I read says no, she seems healthy. my heart wants to believe her, but my head and my gut say no.There's no one i can talk too, no one seems to understand. Everyone thinks they no how i should feel , and refuse to understand anything else. Hopefully she is sober mini-face wants to go home with her nand is always glad to see her, wouldn't he not want to go if she was sick still? I hope. Bye for now.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2007

that's a tough one!! i kicked my husband out for smoking crack around the house and my kids. that was a no brainer for me. but you having to deal with the kids is really tough. after much investigation of my own as well into crack addiction, it was pretty much the same all around. no one can get off that stuff on their own. my ex swears he's clean, don't or won't ever believe it. i feel for you, i wouldn't dream of telling you what i think you should do. i can only share a small experience i had of my own. good luck to you, i'll be sending blessing your way.