My 12 Year Old Daughter Battles Depression

My daughter struggles with depression.  She is very honest about it to others and herself.  Some days (especially on Mondays) she doesn't even want to get out of bed.  She knows she should, but for some reason she feels sad.

I have a hard time identifying with it because I'm a total optimist and always look at the bright side of things.  But I know that she is not the same in her feelings about life and I love her so much and I know she is struggling.  I want to find a way to help her see what's good about the world and how lucky we both are, but I know I can't just wish it to be all better.

I've done everything I can think of -- we continue to see a therapist - both my daughter individually and with me and my wife as a couple - but I still feel very useless in helping her get to the bottom of why she feels this way and how she can feel happier about her life.
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thats a hard one to cope with. i'm sure the doctor has talked about meds, but i'm quite opposed to youth taking meds, their minds can't cope with it. i take my own anti-depressants and my own 15 yr old daughter has depression. i have her on a wait list for counselling. my only other thought was what about a group therapy with kids her own age.....

She should try and talk to people who are going through what she is. Also you should search the net for alternate resources. That will actually let you know that you are helping her. Here is one site I found that I hope is good, it sounds good anyway:<br />
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