Success Is the Best

My daughter is only eight months old but she has already succeeded in so many things!Little milestones in her 8 month time frame that seem so petty for some yet so exciting for others. So far my fiance and I have wittnessed these first timers: Rolling over, sitting up ( which came after she learned to crawl!! Just a little backwards in the learning dept. but every child learns differently) holding her own bottle, the mumbling jibber-jabber of Da-Da!!, pulling herself up, and stumbling around furniture. Though these extrodinary happenings leave me tickled in pink, they also leave me feeling a bit deprived. Most of these things I didn't get to wittness first hand. I was usually the third person to see it. Being as I am usually the one around her the most and do the tending to her needs, it feels unfair to me that I and never there with a camera to capture the big events. Instead it is usually her father, grandmother and here recently, her babysitter. I still have hope though because she hasn't started walking yet and I know that any day now she'll let go and take off like a bat out of hell. I hope I'm the one to pick her up off the floor the first time she does a nose dive onto the carpet!!! I know it won't push things along by soaking in my own self pitty and that there will be even greater things she will do for me to see that no other person will!!!
Luci Luci
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take heart you have so many more first ahead of you<br />
<br />
and then there is their first date and first kiss

I understand your disappointment. I missed MANY of my children's FIRSTS, thanks to working. It saddens our hearts to miss those mile stones that will never have a "first time" again! But stay possitive! There WILL be things you see or do in the future with your daughter! And look at it this way: Perhaps it was all that previous time you spent with her, and working with her, that prompted her to accomplish those firsts when they did happen!