I would love to restart my life but as a girl for who I know I am. I know what you are thinking this is not the palce for this. I will point out I have never been with another person. I want to have what I should have had. To live my life like any other woman. I would never cheat on the one I loved I would give him as many babies as he was willing to have. I would have been a loving caring mother that would have made sure my children were never harmed and I would teach them how to read before they were three. They would have been out of their diapers from about the time they learned to walk. I would not have been selfish no baby talk no keeping them in diapers so I could just enjoy having a baby one moment longer...that is what grandchildren are for. Sorry if the lunatic spoild your dream room. But I think I would have been a good mother and wife in some other life.
solarregeneration solarregeneration
41-45, T
Jul 23, 2010