Please Let Me Know Before You Go

Some of my dearest EP friends and family are contemplating leaving the site because of the sick activities of some trolls, pervs and psychos, and I am furious! It took me 50 years to find out that I had a big sister, giggles, and a little sister, alteredego, and a nephew, ReeceH, and now they seem about to become collateral damage in some deranged people’s attacks on human decency.

I know many other good people have also suffered from this crap, and some have already left EP. This is a tragedy.

For anyone contemplating such a step, I urge you, please, not to delete your profile, but have it put on vacation. Save your stories. Save your Q and As, your whiteboards, your gifts and gestures, your comments and your PM conversations. Save your confessions. Because they are a part of my EP history too, and that of your friends. En masse deleting of profiles could have catastrophic effects, causing a chain of deletions throughout the site. If you delete, you rob the rest of us of our shared memories.

If you absolutely have to delete, please contact your friends somehow and let them know what you are about to do. Give them 24 hours notice, so they can copy and save whichever interactions they have had with you which they cherish. Post it as a story, or PM people –at least the ones you really care about. If you really trust someone, give them your email address, so you can stay in touch somewhere in cyberspace.

The relationships we make here are “only” online friends, family, lovers, but they can be deeply influential of the lives people lead in the real world. It may seem that only our fingertips and our eyes are involved, but we carry our EP relationships into the real world in our minds and hearts, and the emotions are entirely genuine. 

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Exactly, clarkee! There are millions of sicko websites out there -why don't the people we don't like join them instead?

yeah, we want a clean place to play!

I think your advice is very sound. I've been here 11 months, and whilst there are pockets of crap, it's outweighed by the wonderful friendships I've made and I'm able to epress myself on a wide range of subjects, light and heavy.<br />
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Thank You for your comments, my friends. It is awful to hear of the bad experiences people have had, and I urge everyone to heed giggles' and alterdego's warnings. It is also inspiring to read of your dedication to some of the friends you have found here on EP.<br />
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I know there are other groups concerned with this issue, notably :"I Think EP Has Dropped The Ball"<br />
and I encourage everyone to join them. I urge you also to message people in Admin directly to register your protest at the proliferation of gutter-scum on this site.

I thought maybe Escher would come by this story, had told me of this experience. it seems that it is hard to even prepare for someone to delete their profile, although I have deleted some stories, I don't think I would delete my sorry this has happened to people. Losing a cyberfriend is the same as losing a real life friend, I do know that. (thinks of lots of cyberfriends past) <br />
I find that little 'block' button helps a lot when dealing with pervs!

Amberdextrous ~ I would never leave without telling my Little Brother and I will leave my stories if I am forced to leave. <br />
AE is right, there are people on this site that are "grooming" others to play out their most evil fantasies. Please, everyone, be careful who you allow into your circle. One has been reported to all the proper authorities because it appears he has tried to act on his fantasy and wishes to bring it to fruition. I am worried about the very young on this site and those who are lonely and broken who might fall for the lies of these trolls. <br />
EvesHarvest, you are spot is VERY disturbing!

Wow. That is disturbing.

I agree with you. I would feel terrible if one of my close ep friends suddenly deleted their profiles along with all their stories, comments, and our interactions.