The prospect of leaving EP and my friends is anything but a happy one for me.  I have not only made lasting friendships but have my EP "family" to consider. 

I also have to consider the advice of a wise and caring man who is has been with the state police for over 17 years.  There are a few on this site that have become a danger to all who come here to heal, make friends and try to find some peace in their lives.  These people are trollers.  They appear to be kind and caring but they are "grooming" their next victim and it has become disturbing to watch.  My trooper's counsel is to be very careful and to leave EP if this is not addressed by the admin. right away.  He is looking out for me and wishes me to leave, I understand his fears.  I am as careful as anyone can be on a site like this but so many trollers use fake profiles and slip behind the mask of "the nice guy/gal nextdoor" and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the good from the evil.

I may find some groups distasteful and even loathsome, but I  know the difference between the bragging, swaggering fantasizer and the one who is about to act on a particularly abhorent fantasy.  It has become apparent that EP does NOT recognize this difference.  When a new member is interviewed for a post under "getting to know our new members" and the interview-ee actually comes right out and says he would like to stab a woman in the belly while having sex.....RED LIGHT!!!!  Flags should go up and EP has the obligation to enforce it's own rules of usage on this site and stop this man from posting any and ALL stories related to this threat.  Instead, the story was posted with a prompt by EP to come and get to know this person......OMG! 

Several groups have been set up lately by wonderful, caring Epeeps like KittyChanel, CheekyGeek and WolfieStreetGangster who want to help watch over not only their circle of friends, but the vulnerable on EP.  My wish is that everyone who reads this will go to "I Think EP Has Dropped The Ball"  and  "I Welcome You To Neighborhood Watch" and sign on.  Or at least consider starting a "Mother Circle" group and watch out for your friends that way.

Dear Amberdextrous ~ I would not leave you, my Little Brother, or any of my close friends and EP family without letting you know.  And, furthermore, I promise to leave my stories etc. if I am pushed off this site by the trolls of life.  I would miss you terribly and don't wish to lose good friendships like yours :)  It is sad when our friends just "disappear".  I have had this happen and I miss them and worry about them because I didn't know they were frightened and scared until they were gone......and I have no way of knowing if they are alright.

For now, I am staying and fighting the good fight for the EP I love,  a place where we can enjoy new friendships, write our stories, and take a break from the rigors of this world and have a bit of fun.  Blessings to you all my friends and please be careful.  ~ Giggles ~


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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Don't feel bad, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your concern and care for me. I do love my friends and would miss them terribly but those who know me well will stay in touch even if I must leave. Hopefully things will change and I can stay. Love you dear man! ;")

Dear heart, I don't want you to leave unless you absolutely have to. I know you have many friends and family on here now and I wouldn't come between any of you. You love them all, don't you! Now I feel bad about suggesting you take a breather and putting your account on hold.