How I'm Trying To Get My Ex Back

So,I break up with him and that was because of some stupid reason.He told my friend 1 month after that that he wants me back,but then I wasn't interested in him anymore.Now,he has a girlfriend and I want him back more then everything,I even cried because of that.I told him how do I feel about him yesterday and he told me that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore.I didn't cry and wasn't hurt so much as I was when I didn't know what he feels.To get him back,I started dating another guy,so he can feel what I've been feeling and so he can see what he lose.I will wait now for him to tell me,that he loves we can be together.I hope this plan would work,if not...I don't know will I ever forget him..we are not even friends anymore,we use to hang out almost every day and now when he's in relationship with someone else,I don't see him on the streets anymore..we are friends on Facebook...
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

are you sure you want him back if he says he has no feelings?

that was a year ago.i got over that bastard haha

bahaha I will blame the fact that I misread that on it is 5am (=

oh,why are you not sleeping?