Sometimes Life Is Not Fair, And You've Got To Deal With It

Well I'm all sure you've read my other story of how it all began, I really never got to mention the rest as I was in a rush writing up that story because I had a job interview. Anyhows I've got to mention the rest and I feel that if people read this story there are other people out there that would agree with me and have had the same reactions by their parents.

As I let you know in my last story you know I admitted to wearing womens clothing. I mean this is covered by, Tons of different lingerie, up to womens clothing such as, skirts, dresses, jeggings, leggins, high heals you name anything flurty/sluty fun to wear thats me.

However there is a down side to this, My parents know about this, My Dad in some terms whenever sometimes something that pops up on T.V I think you know because of what I do he must think this can't be my son, Why did he turn out to be like this he wasn't the son I knew and brought up from when he was a baby.

Anyways when my parents first found out it was a case of oh you know this can be sorted out don't worry. I could never really mention to them how much I felt being me for what I do. I was quite young at this age so you really it didn't bother my parents that much. Anyways when they found out more at what I do which was at the age of 17. I'm almost 18 now. But this is how my parents reacted, I really hope for most people out longing to be who they want I hope your parents accept you for who you are, as what I'm about to tell you really puts you off the matter of not trying to crossdress or whatever you do.

My Mother and Dad sat down with me and told me that What I'm doing is wrong, its not what a guy should be doing. They told me do you want to be seen as a morphy? If thats how you spell it.. carrying on.. My *** of a brother whom I have never got on with in my life told my parents that Oh yeah Devon shaves his legs and makes them all soft and stuff so they said what are you trying to do with your life? And I mean it was really loud shouting, they said, DO YOU WANT TO BE A GIRL? ARE YOU INSANE GOD WANT ACCEPT YOU WHAT ARE YOU A ******* IDIOT, YOUR NOT SOME GIRL, IF YOU WANT TO BE A GIRL LEAVE THE HOUSE AND IF YOU DO I'LL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN. It was quite breath taking and my heart sank it really did.. I could just see in my dads eyes.. Great the son I thought was amazing turns out to be some morphy girly boy.

It was hard to deal with it.. I didn't know what to think my parents suggested that I see a counciler and I've refused it.. I mean I keep my Crossdressing to a low standard around them that way they think I have improved and have moved on. But I havent and I don't think I can as I've come to terms that you know this is me, running away and denying your problems only make it worse and if you can never be yourself why are you even around?

There have been many sayings such as well I do crossdressing because I feel like a women trapped in a mans body. And so on I'm sure you've herd it all before.. well most people.

Taking in what my parents told me is not easy as my family backround has amazing history to know. My family has been seen as one of the best families known in the past and what I'm doing is destroying everything that has been worked for.

Most of my family is christian. They love the lord so much, Especially my grandparents I havent seen anyone else in the world that have devouted there life to the lord it is unreal to think people can do that. & I also long to wish to be like my grandparents be one with the lord.

Also for everyone out there, there is something everyone wants to be in life, & for me that is to be a pilot for British Airways for atleast be a pilot for a commercial airways. Anyhows I'm going into the RAF soon to learn to fly and to finish my school studies there, But with my problem My mother told me that it won't be accepted there and I could be kicked out. Its not an easy thing to deal with But I think I have come to terms that during my time learning to be a pilot I will not crossdress and focus on my life. When I have succeeded in life I would maybe go back to it. Who knows.

Now however again, God does not accept people crossdressing, people who are gay and so forward such as thiefs and stuff. And I sit there almost everyday thinking you know how is he going to accept me for who I am as he does not tolerate it. I think in time I will find peace with Jesus and fix my problem that is what I am hopeing for.

Now alot of people in the world think God in not real and so on whatever you do is acceptable. Fine I agree many people have different opinions. We all do. However I think that there are issues that I'd also like to cover in this situation for people to read, It is my opinion and I hope you don't take it wrong or what so..

Anyways There if a few things I would like to also tell people really in this story as it would be better now and typing it up again and making a whole new experience.

1- Okay so the first time you have a feminie experience was wearing womens underwear. Okay sure yeah they feel great soft against your skin and so on. However I don't agree with the fact people stealing womens Underwear, I'm sorry that is an invasion on privacy and that you know that is disgusting and no matter for what ever reaon you do it for, it is totally unacceptable and wrong and I hope for those people who do - do it I hope you have shame on yourselfs. Now I would be a hypocrite sat here typing this, Because I'm not going to lie, I will say yes ofcourse I've stolen girls underwear and so on. But I have stopped that as it wrong and invasion of privacy, Anyways you don't know if that girl has crabs and so on so really it is a hygeine matter aswell. So I'm just saying people who do this.. I hope one day you're caught by the girl and get reported of it. Its not fair to a women, How you like it if a girl just comes in and borrows your stuff all the time and brings it back full of what not.. For people who are sick minded and thinking yeah I'd love a women to do what not and stuff. You've got issues in the head that need to be sorted.

2- I often get asked the question, Oh are you gay because you crossdress? No I tell them you know I'm not gay, Infact I'm totally against people being gay I think its rare and disgusting and what so on. But people then say hang on.. but only gay people crossdress. Now that is total bullshit and for those people who crossdress for the purposes of wanting to feel like a women and being who they want to be will also knowledge that fact that hey I'm not gay. So yeah there are people out there who do crossdressing but are not gay.
I also tell my friends that if I ever come in to a relationship with a girl its best to be honnest at the start and never keep secrets from them, Most people here would also have a problem with that as not many girls accept that type of thing from a man. So yeah I would always tell the person I love and like about my problem always at the start of a relationship. And you know if the girl accepts and tolerates it your life would be better and you could get on more. So yeah I love to crossdress and stuff But I know my sexuality and I'm not gay and I would like a wife and children in the future. Sure yes Feeling like a women is great but I could never be gay as I'm totally against it. Okay if someone told me however they were gay, and was a friend I would be okay with it, but as long as they don't try anything or tell me they like me as I will loose it and if they come on to me I would remove their testicals and sell it to the witchdocotor and make sure they never see them again.

And just finally finishing up my story I want to write how my life is turning out to be at the moment,

I've got alot of friends, Some don't know about it, some do, The people who know about what I do have accepted for me being who I am and infact I have gotten better on with than just knowing them, These mostly being girls. Some of my male friends know and really don't care as they've known me for so long, whatever I do doesn't bother them as they know that this panty wearing friend is just who he is but with different material and that doesn't make him any different.

I also hope for everyone out there that they have friends like that, cause it comes to show you that this world can be full of the most amazing friends and people and truly the only way to find them is to look for them with your heart.

Secondly yes, I don't full on crossdress everyday as it is impossible to yet, I've still got to overcome the fear of being seen like that. Anyways yes everyday of my life ever since 14 I have only ever worn womens underwear. I wear different styles, different colours, different types & finally differenty materials. I will give you a heads up that, thongs for me are the best, they're comfy and just work for me, my favourite colour is pink and blue and favourite material would have to be silk as I find cotton annoying and just puts you off when sitting down. However I will you know Tan in a black thong as really its the best colour to tan in! Theres a nice tip for anyone who trys tanning in a thong =] I also love wearing g-strings and french knickers, they work out great for me.

During the winter is the best for me really as you know you have to wear warmer clothes, and well during the winter my legs get really cold and and so does my Backside! So I do resort to wearing french knickers & I wear well if you're reading this in america its known as pantyhose, and in the Uk tights. I wear tights alot as they are so comfy and warm, and they do help the blood circulation in your legs flow better. But anyways people don't really care for what you wear in winter as it does keep you warm. In winter however I tend to try and stick to black tights as it can be just seen as mens long johns. I do however in the summer love wearing shiny natural cashemere tights as they look amazing! I do infact love showing my legs off so I have gone out into public wearing them also round my friends and most of the time don't even get noticed unless the sun is bright then you can see the shine off the hosiery!

But I will never be sorry for my femine side, I love having it and I love being who I am, I just enjoy being a girl boy it makes me feel better and puts in to aspects that people can accept you for who you are.

I think there is one more thing I would like to say before I rap this up is. If there was ever a girl for a girl mate who would ever like to put make up on for me and show me how to then that would be a great help as I havent had that done yet. There are sure alot of sexual fantasites for everyone in the world and something I would like to do is to have a lot of girlfriends dress me up and stuff and try a girly night out as that would be amazing. Only thing is I'm not the most amazing looking guy or skinniest around, So I am working on loosing weight [=

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope that your parents turned out to have accepted you for who you are and not have what happened to me. I also hope for everyone that your friends accept you and have turned out great like mine I really do as I think we live in such a corrupt world and really it just needs to be fixed.

So yeah thanks for reading, please do comment I would like to hear what you guys think. I however don't have time for people be arseholes on here and that I would appreciate you keeping your hatred comments away.

If anyone does wish to chat more and just make friends then please do email me on here. Thanks alot again.

Dev =]

KatrinaFlorence KatrinaFlorence
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Jul 22, 2010