My Aunt Complimented How Good I Look In Girls Jeans. :d

I stopped by her house to drop a camera off for her to borrow and she noticed them as she let me in the door. She was happy to see me so she was full of smiles and she asked if the jeans were mine or my older brothers. I told her they are mine and she was a bit surprised but she smiled.

She said, "Thats why you look so nice now, you used to wear those baggy pants. You look so good in those. You look very nice."


Now, these are really, really tight AE girls jeans. I was very flattered. It made my night.

I also wore them around the house today. My mom, my brother and his family all saw me in them. I guess my family is cool with the super tight jeans. I doubt they know i'm wearing girl's jeans though.

frankinstine frankinstine
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2009

AE jeans are amazing!

tight stretchy boot cut girls jeans are the best! :)

The girls jeans are aways better. I wear only girls jeans. they fit well. My favorite style is the boot-cut style.

Guy jeans are so ugly.<br />
I love the way my tight, low rise, stretch jeans hug my legs and bum.<br />
The make me feel sexy.<br />