I Love to Dress Like a Girl

I do,and I don't have any family to speak of,just my 2 daughters . My 2 girls think I'm gay,but I'm not, I'm just femenine. My youngest tells me your such a woman why don't you come out of the closet already,and I laugh. I hope to someday talk to them ,we do talk a lot about everythingbut they are too young and have too much to get going in their lives to tell them what I really am.someday we will.

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Thanks I will update the story soon.

Just a little follow up on this...Have you had the talk with your daughters yet. If they are anything like mine, they will start to help pick out clothes, makeup and hair styles. It's fantastic that your Doc is willing to helpp with your transition. Let us know what's happened over these last three months.<br />

Thank you dearjulia,you are so nice and your cousin is lucky to have you .

Thanks It's scarey and wonderful.

well now that's great congratulations, it is extremely difficult trying not to be yourself. It will be great for you to finally be yourself in every way.

I talked to my Doc yesterday about sex reassingment ,he was great about it,I've known him for many years and he is going to help me. Oh happy day! Hugs

well it's true your kids will love you no matter what you look like just be happy in your own body and self

Thank you Lingerieme,Your comments mean a lot to me. Hugs

Be truthful with your kids if they are 16&17 they are exposed to more that we were at that age. Just be truthful you will never regret it. The real friends will stick by you and love you for who you are, tour kids and family will love you for who you are! and you will feel better for one reason you don't have to hide your true self any longer, those who care about you and love you will be there for you if they don't are they really worth having? You need to be yourself and be happy with you.

Thanks Katrina,I don't know but I'm beginning to think in this day and age we're our worst enemies. I saw my DR. today ,I've known him for 40 yrs. and I was so scared about what I wanted to ask him about,gender reassingment, he took it like I asked him to go for a beer. He's gonna help me ,so you never know.

I think it's going to be sooner than later ,maybe after the school year is over so it dosen't upset their learning. Thanks

I know when I had the talk with my girls, it cleared up a lot of unasked questions that they had. It also helped me become more comfortable with me at the same time.

Mine are 16 and 17 and I think you're right because they express a lot of versions of what they think I am ,maybe it would put their minds to rest.

Just curious but how old are your daughters? You may be surprised at just how mature they are if you do have the "discussion". Mine were both in their teens and seemed to accept what we talked about.

It's eventually going to be discussed because I want to live too,and I never put them down for what they feel inside for ex my one girl is bisexual.

I can relate to my children's comments. They are one shot deals or a knowing smile and then it is forgotten/no said constantly. I'm not out either and not gay, but that conversation is on the horizon for me too.<br />
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Don't know if that is good or bad when one is trying to live quietly and without fanfare.<br />
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Definitely understand.

thank you so much lingerieme,it means a lot to hear that. Hugs Jill

be thankful they love you and except you for who you are. I would risk to say they don't care what you wear, because you love them, and they you. Lots of people would love to be in your place with kids who understand. Jill be strong there are lots out here who know and will support you also but having your kids behind is irreplaceable.

Thank you.Hugs back Jill

You are lucky in one respect that your girls know about you, and obviously has accepted your choice.... love is in the heart of the beholder... hugs S