Live Our Own Lives

Lives are your own. Nobody should control it.
They should tell you how to dress, how to act, what religion you are, what people to hang out with. It's wrong.
It's like they're taking pieces away from your puzzle.
He's taking away my friends because they have piercings, or they have colored hair or because they're a "BAD" kid.
He's taking away my freedom, because i'm only 14, handing my 11 year old sister everything she ever wanted.
He's making me be Catholic even though i'm Wiccan,
He's making me wear Blane clothes even though i want to wear a rainbow tutu, high-high-high tops and a sparkly top.
Nobody can control you. Nobody should control you.
It's your life and because they didn't get to pick out theirs doesn't mean they can pick out ours.
I feel plain, a misfit outcast.
I feel uncomfortable.
I want to be weird, i want to wear my clothes, hang out with my friends, and be able to believe in my own beliefs.
Is that so much to ask?
To just be me?
That's what parents tell you to do when you're younger.
"Don't let the other kids tell you what to do. Tell them you're you!"
Well they're being like those kids they told me to watch out for.
Why tell us something, if they're being that person they warned us about?
Should we even listen, anymore?
TruthIsYetToCome TruthIsYetToCome
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

this is very good! i agree with this because i have parents who won't let me be me!:)