The Department Of Homeland Security...

First off let me make it clear I am your probably wondering what the DHS has to do with me? Well read on and you shall see...

I am currently 43 years old and living in the same general area I've lived in my entire life. I have never broken the law or committed any sort of crime against man or state. Despite this I am a "person of interest" according to the DHS. Why you may ask is this so. It's because my aunt married a man who's brother is a rather famous crusader for environmental causes such as save the whales. I visited a ship he was on and somehow the FBI associated me with this organization. I wasn't a crusader myself but there were some very pretty women on that ship and I was 18 at the time...well...never mind.

None of this mattered until 9/11 and the ensuing creation of the so-called "Patriot Act". This act saw the FBI's watch lists handed over to the newly formed DHS and my name entered into a database alongside "terrorists" and international criminals. Because of this I can't set foot in the United States or take part in a myriad of activities. None of this was even known to me until several years later when I wanted to visit a friend in Florida and was advised not to set foot over the border...or else.

This was all a long time ago now so I had put a lot of it out of my mind.

Now we come to the present and me joining EP, a site I find most entertaining I must add. Well...I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and one in particular. This person is someone I find myself thinking about more and more as time passes but now I run into this whole DHS thing again. I want to go visit her but I can't cross the damn border and to make matters worse I look like a complete ***, and worse, for not thinking of this until she asked to meet me.

The point is that I've committed no crime and I'm being treated like a convicted felon with no way to appeal. I would risk going to see her but I honestly worry about being arrested and under the DHS they don't even report you were just vanish.

I worry for the future when we live in a world like this. All through the 1980s I watched movies and TV shows where they said this is what the "EVIL communists" did to people...not us in the "peace loving" west with our "freedoms".

I want to rant and scream about this but what's the point?
Braunham Braunham
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Great Story! Never Say Never. Maybe She's Cool Enough To Work Through It?

I hope so but she has a right to pursue her own happiness and not have my situation hold her back from that.