I just can't wait to be independant, i really wana live my own life, do my own thing... Be free of my parents, rather just be free of being around my dad.. and just have fun, go crazy, i love to travel, i love living on the edge, sky diving is first thing im gna do wen i get the chance.. I love listening to music, can't leave the house without my Ipod... I love driving and leaving my phone in the house, free in a place where no one can reach me...  With me the most important thing in my life and that summarises what ive been looking forward to for the past 18 years is FREEDOM... The feeling that your life is in your hands, being incontrol of any decision that will affect you, paying for your things, making your own money, living in an apparment that is all yours.. where noone can control you or tell you what to do or how to act... Being able to be free to do what you want when you want... No curfews, nobody shouting at you to do sumthing, or to be someoe your not.. Just being yourself and having fun with it... I really can't... And trust me if someone is gna stop me from having my own life and being free, like my parents, then im taking the money ive saved and running away to start my own life and do my own thing.. even though i know its gna be hard, but it wil be worth it....

Christine4 Christine4
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

I know how you feel completely. I'm almost 20 now, and I feel like my parents still have me by a string. I'm freer than I used to be, but I'm not as free as an adult should be. I just want to cut that string that my parents are holding me by...but I don't have the scissors! Can you give me some scissors???

Well don't do anything unplanned for. You don't want to get away and find out that you need someones help for support. Take care!