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He Shot A *** Load In Her Three Times In One Night.

She was gone four hours.
When she came home she told me he had the thickest **** she has ever had. (she has had over 1,000 men)
She said they ****** bare back three times and he came every time, she just loved it.

I ate her ***** for close to an hour after she got home and it was so swollen and sore my finger made her jump through the roof when I slid it into her *** filled *****. As I ate her all I could taste was him so I asked her if she came with him and she said no, she said he was so big that all she could do was hold on but that she plans to relax and *** next time.

So I guess they will be seeing each other again. And she will come home with a swollen sore ***** that was stretched to it's limits. and filling her with my sweet treat to eat.
4mywife 4mywife 46-50 6 Responses Aug 10, 2011

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So, if it takes 2 wks for her to recover, does she let you do her in the meantime?

Only with my mouth, she will allow anal if he didn't go there.

Sounds like a deal!

sounds like your wife has found a great ****, and it is great you like his *** so both must be happy with the arrangement

I just wish they got together more often, sometimes it takes two weeks for her to recover from the pounding her gives her, I am thinking if they do it more often then there will be less recovery time.

yes she will get use to his size and find it more enjoyable

I guess that's why we need more than one bull.

Over a year now and she still sees him from time to time. In fact it was just the other day. He is still uncomfortable with me watching so I have never seen his **** personally, but I can tell you beyond a doubt what it tastes like.

He did her again last Sunday while I was at church, He was worried I was going to come home with my son so he hurried home. <br />
I hope they make up for lost time tonight.

Save some for me next time!

Sounds like a great time for all!