She Has Eventually Agreed And Seems Really Into The Idea After Four Years Of Asking Her

I have been wanting to see my girlfriend with another man for about 4 years now and just about every time we have sex i imagine her with some1. 2nite she has agreed to cheat on me because it would b easier for her to arrange and has asked one of her friends to hook her up with a guy she knows because she thinks he is hot and her friend has told her he is well hung which she would like. I am extremely turned on by this and i am not complaining but wonder why she has had a sudden change of heart after all this time. I will keep yous informed what happens nxt
dortyporv dortyporv
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

If you really want this you have to trust that she loves you and won't leave you for this other guy

What happened?